“I told my friend a massive lie and want to come clean”

I told a really big lie to someone I care about and now I want to tell them. We’ve been friends for a little over year, and our friendship is at a really critical point because he’s going through relationship trouble and stress with school, and we’re connecting more than ever before. We have these long, intimate conversations about everything from music to horror movies to graduate school, and we have so much in common. I guess I just want to be honest with him for my own piece of mind, I want to have a clean conscience and feel like I’m presenting my most authentic self. I also want him to be vulnerable with me, especially when he’s struggling with something. We’re not totally there yet and I want us to be, so I guess I just feel like coming clean might help with that. Continue reading

“I’ve moved on but feel guilty”

I cheated on my lost-distance boyfriend of 4 years, with a guy I’ve known for a while (who was in the same city as me), but who was dating my friend at the time (he cheated on her also).

My boyfriend (“Adam”) and I had been falling out and I was having some issues that he sort of ignored, while the other guy, we’ll call him “Wade”, paid attention and asked me about them and was really there for me when I needed it. Continue reading

“My brother died and his girlfriend is all over me”

My brother died and we just had his funeral, but during it, his girlfriend was overly touchy-feely with me. During hugs she would be squeezing my arms and back. During a sit down hug she was grabbing my head and kissing me all over.

It would be different if I was a kid or something, but I’m 20 years old. I’ve only met her once before all this and didn’t think anything of it. Now she is inviting me out to coffee and I’d rather not. How do I politely decline and make sure I never see her again?

“Are we too young for a relationship?”

I am in 6th grade, and I really like this girl in my class. She likes me too, and we have even kissed several times. I enjoy being with her, but I feel like we are too young, and need to wait to have relationships.

At the same time, I really want to keep being with her, and wonder about whether to kiss her in the bathroom the next day. I am torn. What should I do?

“I got drunk and got too close to my co-worker”

I was dating a co-worker for a week. I went to a party, drank way more than I ever do, and somehow ended up at his house. I met up with him after, thinking maybe we can finally kiss… and we did…BUT it went further. I know we didn’t have sex, I know I kept my clothes on, but I’ve got memories of things I would have never soberly said yes to at this point in our dating.

I tried to mentally regain myself, act like it was okay, kiss him, relax, but (I know I shouldn’t have) I drunkenly drove home. I was sick to my stomach and needed out of there. To make matters worse, I have a history of being sexually abused as a child and it seems as though this night has triggered a lot of things I thought I had dealt with.
Avoidance isn’t going to work, any other advice? Please help!

“Is this how kissing is supposed to be?”

This guy I’ve never heard of popped up to me on Facebook. We spoke a few times and he made it evident that he wanted to kiss me and I told him I’d never done it before.

So tipsy me texts him to come to this party I’m at. I meet him out the front. I told him I didn’t really want to kiss him, I just wanted a peck. So I literally go in for a peck and somehow his tongue was like licking my lips. Is this how kissing is supposed to be? I’m quite scared and ended up blocking him when I got home. Did I do it wrong? I’m so confused! I just wanted a peck on the lips and this guy went for tongue but my mouth was completely closed.

“He’s really bad at kissing”

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for just under 6 months and we’ve only kissed properly with tongues around 4 times. He’s really bad at it and I don’t want to tell him as I feel it will put him down. He’s always saying we need to get better at it and do it more so we can improve but it’s always super awkward and I don’t like doing it that much anymore? Help please :/

“Do I get rid of him or forgive and forget?”

I need help. I feel so sick just typing this, I’m 20 years old, I’m a female. I met my current boyfriend on my very first day of college, a year and a half ago and we fell so in love. Everything was absolutely perfect (almost too perfect and I felt it was too good to be true.)

Just 2 months ago he admitted he kissed a girl on a night out (he doesn’t remember and didn’t realize it happened until his friend told him the next day, so he was seriously intoxicated. Obviously, he said it was a mistake, blah blah blah. I can’t get over it and feel so upset. He also admitted he flirted with a girl 6 months ago at a festival he went to (also drunk.)

Do I get rid of him or forgive and forget, which seems impossible at the minute?

“I took Xanax and kissed my cousin’s friend”

I recently tried Xanax. I don’t really remember what happened but I remember kissing my older cousin’s friend. My best friend was there (who’s taken a Xanax before) and is being really distant now. She’s disappointed in me because she liked the guy I kissed, and because I took two Xanax.

I didn’t know she liked the guy. When she tried Xanax┬áI was the only one who wasn’t mad at her and was there for her. I’ve tried talking to her to make her understand, and it’s sort of better, but she thinks this is going to mess up our relationship. What can I say to reassure her it won’t?