“He ignores me and spends more time with his friends”

I need some advice… I don’t know what to do anymore…

My boyfriend always spends more time with his best friend than with me. When we have plans to go somewhere together, he always picks his friend up before me, to spend more time together. I usually have to wait longer than the time he said he would be there.

Last week really did it for me… he invited me to a block party and then said he wasn’t going and ended up going with his friends anyway. He completely ignored me all afternoon and I started to get worried because it isn’t like him to do that, so I reached out to his friend to see if he had heard from him, since I knew he hasn’t been feeling well the day before. His friend saw my message and ignored it. Continue reading

“The guy I was seeing died from an overdose”

Hi guys! I actually had something very tragic happen to me. I could really use some advice. The guy who I was seeing recently died from an overdose. I am very upset, but here’s the twist, he actually died next to another woman!

He decided to block and ignore me 5 days before this occurred. I guess he was planning on having a fling and then coming back. I’m not sure whether I should be more angry or sad. Right now I’m a mix of both. I have no idea how to cope and cut my losses. He broke a lot of promises. He could have actually ended things with me and tell me that he moved on, but he didn’t do that, he kept me on the back burner. How should I cope with this?