“Shall I brush off his advances?”

My flatmate has started dating a guy. I have been with my boyfriend for two years, and our boyfriends have only met a few times. We had a party at the weekend when my flatmates ‘guy’ called me fit (hot) and was a bit touchy with me.

My boyfriend says he feels a bit disrespected by him, but my flatmate just brushed it off and said she didn’t see the big deal, and that we were overreacting. I told her because she was in another room at the time! Could anyone give us their opinion please?

“I’m in love with my flatmate”

I share a flat with one other gay guy, and I’ve totally fallen head over heels for him.

We’re similar ages, body shapes/sizes and have similar interests. We’ve shared our living space since the end of May, but I’m finding myself falling harder and harder each day.

He’s quite hard to read, but is always very flirty. He shows little sign of obvious desire, but drops the odd hint here and there. We’re both also on gay hookup apps, which he’s on very regularly, but seems to meet very few people from (of what I know anyway!)

Things are going really well and we’re getting to know each other more and more as time goes on (we didn’t know each other before moving in together) but I don’t know what to do…?!

Do I build on the friendship and just hope and pray that it blossoms into something, or am I upfront and more direct about my feelings and what I want, but potentially make the currently great living situation very awkward…?!

Would appreciate some advice!