“My parents are constantly fighting”

My parents constantly fight (I’m 12-14.) I don’t like it because my mom doesn’t want to be with my dad anymore, but she is doing it for me because we only have one income and it is my dad’s. When my dad goes on business trips, everyone is much happier, but when he is home there is always fighting.

I really don’t like it and kind of want them to just divorce because it scares me and it has since I was little (5 or so). I think I’m becoming depressed because for a while I have just wanted to die and when my dad is away I feel better. What do I do, because I like my dad but he really upsets me, my sister and my mom when he is home because he is always miserable. Help please!!

One thought on ““My parents are constantly fighting”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Talk to your mom and tell her what’s going on from your point of view and especially the depression and thoughts of suicide. You can’t control your parents and they are going to do what they are going to do, but it will help your mom see that this is a destructive relationship. Also talk to your school counselor and if he ever harms any of you or scares you into thinking he might, call 911 and don’t wait!

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