“He says we’re married, but we’re not”

I have been in my relationship for almost 5 years. We have 2 daughters, 2 and 3. We have been engaged for almost 3 years. He cancelled the venue & plans for the wedding about 4 months after he proposed. Said that we needed to work on our relationship before we made it legal, he has been married once before, so he is reserved.

Now, he says we are already married, that when we consummated, we were married. He has very different points of view. We have never taken vows or are legally married, but he insists that we are. He is constantly sharing his ideas with me, points of view on a variety of subjects but when I don’t agree, he says I am wrong and says I should think as he thinks.

On the surface, we are great together, we joke & laugh regularly & I love the family we have together. But any time we speak about important subjects like core values and beliefs, we disagree every time. And he says I am wrong, that it’s all me. That I need to take a look at myself and make some changes. But he isn’t willing to see my point of view, I’m just wrong. I asked if he would be willing to go to counseling with me, he refused.

I feel exhausted all the time. I am filled with anxiety at every moment, and I always have this knot in my stomach. He said to me a couple weeks ago, “it’s your job to make my dick hard, not my life”. That was a slap in the face & I haven’t been the same since, but he saw NO WRONG in it, said I perceived it wrong. I don’t know what to think anymore. I just wanted to share. I’m so lost.



“Shall I put up with his small penis and wait for the money?”

I have been dating David for almost 5 years. We got engaged and have been living together, in my home, for the last almost 3 years. David is a great guy. He makes good money, he buys me gifts, couldn’t love me more, but he shows me no physical affection.

He has a small penis and we have never actually been able to have real sex, so about once a year he gets drunk and we fool around. We never even shared a bed until recently. We hardly speak and never touch more than a quick kiss. David is coming into a VERY large amount of money soon. I love him but I’m no longer IN love with him. I don’t know if the promise of wealth is worth the wait. Help!!


“I don’t think I want him anymore”

I have been with the same guy for four years. We recently got engaged and we have a 9 month old daughter together. Right now I stay at home and take care of our baby girl. He works full time and pays all of the bills. Sounds perfect right?

Only I hate being dependent on him and I’m not sure if I even want to be in this relationship anymore. I feel so selfish for wanting to leave. Mostly because I want my daughter to be okay and have both of us. But also because he really hasn’t done anything wrong. I don’t feel anything with him anymore. My sex drive is little to none when I’m around him. He controls all the finances and also checks what I buy. I hate to say this but I feel more like his mother than his fiancĂ©e. Should I stay and try to work things out or should I get a job, save up and be on my way?