“Learning to trust again”

Me and my partner were together for 6 years, we always drank a lot socially and he did drugs before we got together and very rarely when we were together as I really don’t agree with drugs.

Anyway we had a daughter and I hardly drink at all now but he started drinking more and more and did drugs at our home one night when I was out with friends (our daughter was with her grandparents) I left him over this as it was the last straw for me, we split up for over 6months and he’s drinking and drug habit was a bit out of control but he didn’t drink when he had our daughter. We decided to give things another go a few months ago and things have been OK, he rarely drinks now but I am finding it so hard to trust him and keep wondering if we’re only together for the sake of our daughter although we get on well etc.

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should I leave it in the past?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months, I’m 21 and he’s 24. Lately his behaviour has changed a lot. It seems like we argue almost everyday and it’s usually over little things. He tends to get angry pretty quickly and it always ends with him calling me stupid and saying I’m incapable of doing anything right. I have told him that I don’t like it when he calls me names but it feels like when we argue he uses it against me out of spite. A few days ago we went to a concert, and he got really drunk. So drunk that he could barely stand straight, it was super embarrassing. While we were sitting down he patted his jacket and couldn’t find his phone, he got REALLY angry and started shouting at me and saying that he’s going to break up with me if he doesn’t find his phone by the end of that night (a phone I had bought for him) I was pretty sure he hadn’t lost it but every time I tried to go near him to search for it he would swear and shout at me so I just left him alone, when he did eventually find his phone in his pocket I burst into tears and he started begging for forgiveness and saying he was sorry. Even though he apologised and I accepted it I still can’t get over that night and I’m so hurt that he would be so mean. Do you think I should bring up that night? Should I tell him how I feel? Or should I leave it in the past?