“Wedding drama with friends and siblings”

I am recently engaged and am having some issues with a friend. It all starts back in high school. There are four of us who have stayed friends and my friend Kelly is whom I am having a problem with. Kelly happened to date my fiance’s twin brother Jon, in high school and ended up breaking his heart. She also dated a guy named Ben, for two weeks and then broke it off with him too. Ben has now been dating my fiance’s sister Sophie. Small town problems. Continue reading

“I can’t handle my son’s crazy girlfriend”

I’m 40, my son is 19, & his girlfriend is 18. They have an infant son. In an effort to keep this short, I’ll try my best to give a nutshell version, but will elaborate on anything if need be.

Their relationship was dramatic, as she got pregnant as soon as they met. Constant fighting & breaking up, as we got to know her we all realized she has a major mental problem. I don’t mean that in a bad spirited way, the girl needs legitimate help. She admits to being manipulative and having uncontrollable “personality” mood swings in which she does things impulsively & selfishly. She involves everyone she possibly can in her attention circus, calling out to people who have no clue what’s even going on. Literally everyone I know that isn’t her family has told me they get a bad feeling or vibe around her & she makes them uncomfortable. She treats and speaks to her parents like dogs, which my son used to hate but is recently resorting to.

Since the baby was born and a paternity test proved he was the dad, he’s wanted a family. I encouraged that, thinking giving her more love may help her get her head worked out. All was forgiven and I gave her another chance. For 2 months, while she breastfed, she was great. Sweet, caring, did a really good job with the baby. Once that tether was gone, she slowly went back to her old self. Started smoking again, drinking, partying, and running around. Her younger sister took on the role of caring for the baby. She started college, and soon began cheating on my son with a study partner. Continue reading