“I’m not lazy, I’m insecure”

I’m a college senior with an English major and a music minor. I’ve finished 75 of the required credits, I have 49 credits left to graduate, that means I’m taking 18 credits in the Fall of 2017, I’ll have to take 18 credits in the Spring of 2018, and at least 13 in my last semester to graduate in the Fall of 2018.

I also was born with Spastic Hemiplegic CP, and I suffer from dyscalculia as a result. I tried to go to the Disabilities specialist for my school with documentation of my disability to see if I could get out of the math core, but they wouldn’t budge, so I have to take College Applications Math (Finite Math) to graduate, even though it’s likely that I’ll never use it again afterwards in my life. I tried to take the three credit Finite Math class, and even got tutoring. But my grade wasn’t getting above an F in the class, even with all that help, so I dropped it. Now, I’m going to be taking the four credit Finite Math class, which is slower and covers some remedial topics. But I’m still not sure I’m going to be able to do it, even with the best tutoring. Continue reading

“How much should I give up for marriage and a shot at an exciting new life?”

How much should I give up for marriage and a shot at an exciting new plan in life?

OK, here’s the dilemma. I became disabled a few years ago and my husband at the time was not willing to deal with me not bringing home the bacon anymore, so he’s gone. We had only been together for three years, and while I’ve always been independent and mostly single, I thought we had a great relationship. Turned out he really only wanted my great income.

Alone, I’ve been struggling to survive this life out in the country, and many days with my health problems, I just can’t do it. I sit here and shiver when I can’t get up to carry in anymore firewood and I no longer make use of this beautiful land by riding my horse or going hunting. Just daily stuff, like house work, is a lot. I managed a garden, but the workload did land me in the hospital one day. Continue reading