“I hate my best friend”

We’ve been friends for 15 years. I helped her through so many bad periods. But recently (the past several years) she’s gotten so annoying. She’s always been a bit extreme in her opinions. Vegetarian, super against killing animals, pro freedom ect ect. But she developed it into far extremes. She went for example for a waste-free life. A good cause sure, but she got angry when we spend the night there and I brought locally grown, pesticide free peanuts (I though I’d please her with it) which so happen to be packages in a cheap plastic bag. She got so mad saying she did not want trash in her house. Continue reading

“Is his bad attitude a deal breaker?”

I have been dating my boyfriend for 1.5 years and this is my first serious relationship. I worry a lot about what’s normal and what I should expect from him. He does some “typical” boyfriend things like opening a door for me. He is really nice to me for the most part.

However, if he does something I don’t like, even when I ask him to stop, he continues doing it. He doesn’t fight fair at all, and he holds grudges forever. I am happy with him, but he also makes me extremely sad and angry sometimes. He is mean to my friends and he thinks this is okay because him and his friends are mean to each other. Continue reading