“I don’t know what to do to help him anymore”

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 4 months now. We’ve been super close friends for almost 3 years now but only recently gained a romantic attraction to each other. There’s been a lot of great stuff and we’re pretty much synced in the brain. However he has a pretty rough life. He’s 18, and I’m 20. His mom is emotionally abusive and kicked him out of the house and placed a restraining order on him but is constantly calling him or texting him saying how he needs to come home and be with him family so he can have their support. His parents are separated and his dad literally lives in his car. I should add that about a month ago I moved states to attend school, so I’m now 7+ hours away rather than a 15 minutes drive from his house.

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“My wife is mad that I helped my mom out”

So here’s my situation… I’m wondering if you guys think that this is absurd or whether I did something wrong.

In a nutshell, my older sister (34) passed away unexpectedly last week. My mother was obviously very upset, so I left work early to see her that day. Around dinner time, I went to the kitchen to cook her some dinner and realized that she was pretty much out of groceries. So, I ran to the store, picked up some dinner, and then bought her about $85 worth of food to keep her going for a few more days.

Fast forward to tonight. My wife, after analyzing our online banking transactions, comes downstairs and is LIVID after finding out that I spent $85 on groceries for my mom. After laying into me for a bit, she tells me that I am not to waste our money like that, and that my mother is taking advantage of me. She also told me to ask her to pay us back.

We’re not exactly struggling. My family income is about 85k annually, of which my job generates about 80%. My mom is divorced and makes somewhere around 22-24k.

Was I wrong here? I feel like this was just a small way for me to help in a time of need….

“My girlfriend isn’t romantic at all”

I’m in a 5 month relationship and yesterday we had a bit of an argument, we were playing basketball and when we sat down I asked her a rather silly question but it was serious, would she go to my games when I joined the college team, she replied with ‘I don’t know.’

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit angry because I always try to make her happy with everything and even if she has to lie to me I would figure that the correct answer is yes. I got thinking why I was angry at that little thing, even though it would have been best to say yes. From what I thought, I was angry because I just don’t see her fair share of romantic stuff. It’s not about effort because we see each other every day and always talk but it’s a bit more than that. Continue reading