“My husband is an addict and needs help”

I don’t know whether to stay or leave……my husband just lost his job, after being there a little over a year. It’s the longest job he’s held since we’ve been married (10 years almost). He lost it because he failed a ua (meth).

I recently found out he was using and he promised to stop. He has now, for maybe a week, so I’m not holding my breath that he’s done for good. This isn’t the first time he’s battled an addiction either. He’s gambled thousands of dollars, clearing our bank account and right before Christmas.

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“I’m married to an abusive husband”

This is a deep thought question so I’ll try to keep the details short.
I’m married to an abusive husband. We have one child, I have another who is much older from a previous relationship. I went to my attorney to divorce said abusive husband. Before I continue, I should say that my husband is a doctor. This will be important later. He has a high income, yet most people don’t realize that we don’t have cash on hand, it’s tied up and we are in debt. But, he does bring home a large amount of money.

He went to counseling with me. There, we discussed how we fight with each other because my cleaning isn’t up to his standards. (I am in no way filthy. I’m just not one of those OCD people like he is). The therapist suggested we hire a housekeeper so we wouldn’t fight about it. So we did, and it mostly worked. Continue reading