“I booked a holiday with her, now she’s ignoring me”

I am friends with this girl, we have been friends for almost 4 years. I initially met her through another friend at university. I feel like we are friends, I would consider her as more, but I know her tendencies and games and because I’ve had problems with her group of friends before,  in general I don’t think I could as much as I’d want to,

Anyways, we talk pretty much on and off, here and there, but there is never a hard dead silence, and she keeps telling me she wants to go on holiday. I have always objected because I don’t feel like going away with a female who is a close friend, for obvious reasons. However, I have been stressed lately and have always been told getting away a couple times a year might be a good idea, so I agreed to go away with her to Italy for a few days. We booked it, she was excited and that was that. I even asked about sleeping arrangements because I know how she is, and she said we can sleep in the same bed because she trusts me, whatever that means.

However, almost immediately after booking, maybe a couple days later, I get complete radio silence, I am not a clingy man, if I don’t get a response I usually ignore it and go about my life as there are plenty of things I have to do. I’m currently looking for a new career and job, I am training in the gym, etc. However, the second I start ignoring her back, the games begin, she calls/texts, and if I respond she ignores me again, she snapped a mistake which showed a Whatsapp group she was in, that said ‘don’t text him’ and I recently saw an Instagram pic she liked, that said ‘I don’t mean to air, I’m just talking to the person I actually want to talk to’.

I find this extremely petty and unattractive in a person, never mind a partner, and I had one girl do this to me before, and I swore I would never allow it to bother me again, and it wouldn’t, if I didn’t have a holiday booked, I would just ignore her/contact her and explain to her I don’t appreciate the bullshit. I don’t really want to go on holiday on my own, and I don’t really want to go to Italy with a dude and share a bed, so what do I do? I do not care if she likes me in that way or not, I just demand the respect I deserve.


One thought on ““I booked a holiday with her, now she’s ignoring me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dump her and take a friend. If you take her you’ll be upset anyway for the game playing. With your friend you can build a lifelong memory.

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