“He’s always talking to this other girl”

My boyfriend is talking to a girl that I don’t like. She’s keeps getting in our business and I don’t like it. My boyfriend says he doesn’t like it either, but he still tells her things. He lies to her about what’s he’s doing and stuff. They talk every day and he knows I don’t like her. He even told her and they joked about it.

He lied to me and said that he told her to stay out of our business, but he didn’t. She has a boyfriend too, but he doesn’t know that they talk. He is so worried that she will get mad, or he will say that he’s too nice to tell her to stop. He just went on her account and said that he likes the tights that she is wearing and she said ‘a lot of people do’ and he was like ‘I can see why.’

I’m not one of the girlfriends to get mad over things like this, but he’s forgetting about me and he’s always talking about her. There’s other stuff too. We have been together for almost a year and I don’t know what to do, please help?

One thought on ““He’s always talking to this other girl”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dump him.

    He knows what he’s doing and the girl you don’t isn’t the real issue. Its that he doesn’t respect your wishes enough to care. He’s hitting on the next girl friend. Even if you broke up and they ended up together, he would do the same. He’s more interested in the next girl to have sex with. Nothing you can do or say will change that.

    What you can do is find another boyfriend. Also know that no boyfriend will be your all. YOU have to make yourself happy before you can work on a relationship with someone else.

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