“Why won’t he admit he has a girlfriend?”

I met him in one of my college classes. We studied together, and the last month of class it was obvious he liked me. At one point we had a conversation where he mentioned his “ex.” We planned to hangout after our final, but the night we were all going to go out (our group of classmates), he never showed up. We never talked again after that. It drove me insane– he had easily become one of my favorite people. I did some snooping and it turned out his “ex” was his current girl. I was so disappointed but dropped it. He must be loyal to her, and I’m no home wrecker. A year later, I hear from him out of the blue. For a few weeks we talk on and off, our conversations lasting days. Mostly just joking back and forth and asking each other about our lives. Sometimes I started them, sometimes he did. I hoped, and it seemed like maybe he’s single? So I asked, and he told me he was. A week later his “ex” was with him on snapchat. I now haven’t heard from him, and again I’m taking this as a sign to give up. I feel like I’m losing my shit though. What was the point of that? If you’re trying to sleep with me, ask? If you’re trying to be friends with me and hangout, ask? If you’re trying to date me, ask? Like you must be miserable in your relationship, no? What is his game?

One thought on ““Why won’t he admit he has a girlfriend?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You already know what his game was and you were the pawn. Walk away from this cheater and cut all social ties.

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