“My elderly mother spilt gravy on my son’s head”

Tonight at dinner, we had an unfortunate accident. My 5 year old was already at the table eating, while my mother (who is 70) was still trying to get the stuff on the table. She was trying to get my father his gravy, as he was sitting at the other end of the table. Unfortunately, some spilled on my son’s head. Understandably, he freaked out because it was painful, I was in the kitchen at the time getting a drink for him, so I didn’t see what actually happened. My bf, my son’s father, rushed him into the kitchen, freaking out and we rinsed his head with cold water. My bf was immediately saying we were taking him to the hospital. I kept my cool, and told him that it wasn’t that bad, 1st degree if that, it was barely red, no blistering and my son calmed down within minutes. My mother, was completely devastated, utterly upset, in tears crying. She loves my son, more than anything and would never, ever do anything to hurt him.

This was an accident, everyone there, me, my father and my bf’s mother, even my son, understand this was an accident. My bf, blows everything out of proportion, and is super angry. We took my son to the ER anyway because my bf wouldn’t let it go. We got as far as the triage nurse, who said, it’s not serious, there’s no blistering, so we don’t really need to wait hours to see a doctor. She put some cream on it, and we left. My son was himself the rest of the night, called his grandma to tell her he was ok and is now blissfully asleep. My bf is still inclined to blame my mother and act like it was intentional.

What’s his deal? Does he just have no compassion for others?

One thought on ““My elderly mother spilt gravy on my son’s head”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Consider this a huge red flag. We all freak out sometimes during emergencies and yes he does love his son, but if he doesn’t tone it down in a day or so, you might want to look into family counseling. Whatever you do, don’t marry this guy until you are certain he can be there without freaking out in a emergency situation. You wouldn’t have asked if you weren’t smart enough to realize this will be a problem you don’t want to deal with years down the road when the excrement hits the fan.

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