“I can’t get over his gay sounding voice”

I met this guy “Jake” online. We clicked immediately. We met in person three weeks ago and he is everything I could ask for in a man. Handsome, great job, great body and he treats me so incredibly well. He is also extremely old-school romantic, which I love. We have been intimate and it was amazing. He is a total giver.  He’s perfect…….except for his voice. He has a very “gay” sounding voice. I know this sounds incredibly shallow and I hate myself for thinking this way but deep down I think we’re all a little shallow. I can’t get past his voice. Is this something that I may need to end the relationship for if I can’t get over it? If so, how do I even start? I hate this because he is such a great, caring guy. I’ve tried getting used to it but it’s hard. I’ve never brought it up to him and I’m not sure it’s even a good idea to.

My one friend said that many men with “gay” voices end up being gay. I don’t know the accuracy of that however, it makes me worried that if I one day married this guy and had children, that 25 years down the road he would come out! I think I’m overreacting a bit. But I’m nervous about introducing him to family and friends because of his voice!
What do do?
Shallow Gal

One thought on ““I can’t get over his gay sounding voice”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Listen to your gut and let him go. Annoyances like that only get worse with time. It’s going to be better on you both to find someone more compatible. And this time the old saying is true, it’s not him (he’s doing everything right), it’s you (you’re annoyed by his voice.)

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