“I’m worried about my boyfriend’s binge drinking”

I don’t know how to confront my boyfriend about his alcoholism. He binge drinks on the regular, and whenever the negative effects of drinking come back to bite him, he always has some excuse. He’ll say he threw up at a restaurant because he “just ate too much,” when really it was because he’d been throwing back doubles all through dinner; or that he fell on his face on the sidewalk because he was “exhausted from working out the previous day,” when really he’s intoxicated.

He means the world to me, and I’m worried about his health. I’d be devastated if he got himself hurt under the influence while I wasn’t available to look after him. (I work full time.) But I’m not sure how to start the discussion when he remains in denial about the fact that all these mishaps he’s having are because of binge drinking. Help?

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