“Does this guy have feelings for me or not?”

Me and this guy have been friends for 2-3 years and last year I admitted to him that I had a crush on him. He said that he couldn’t be with me, because he was going to be in a relationship soon with another girl.

We stayed friends but not close. But the thing is that he never said that he does not have feelings for me but he always wants to be close to me, he stares at me a lot (like in every class), he’s always the one who wants to start a conversation with me, I’ve noticed that when people are talking to him they always look at me.Since last year I’ve been trying to get him out of my head. I tried ignoring him because I was mad that I had feelings for him, and also because one time I was talking about another boy that I found cute, and he was in front of me hearing everything and then he just turned and said that the guy would never like me because I’ve liked him and he said no. It’s just so confusing in my head.. one time he acts like he has feelings and then the next he acts like he wants nothing to do with me… I need help.. What should I do?

2 thoughts on ““Does this guy have feelings for me or not?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to move on from him. He’s told you no and unless he specifically says he wants to be with you now, he’s a waste of your time and energy.

    And TBH, if it were me and he’d already told me no when he wasn’t even in a relationship with another girl yet, and he had changed his mind, I would tell him to make like a banana tree and leaf.

  2. Olivia says:

    Yes definitely move on – I do not think he has feelings for you (sorry, not trying to be mean just honest). Sometimes when we really like someone we see what we want to see (such as stares, conversations, jealousy) – but if he was really into you, he would reach out and try to get you and you would know and not doubt.

    Good luck!:)

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