“Should I break up with my girlfriend?”

I’ve been in a relationship with my girlfriend for just over a year now and I’m starting to realize that I no longer see a future with her. I try to stay in love, but everyday it seems like an uphill battle.

I have noticed small changes in my attitude as of recently, such as finding other women oddly more attractive than usual, finding myself more impatient and irritated with my girlfriend, and more interested in going out to parties with my friends.

I’m not the type of guy who wants to leave his girlfriend for the hope of a one-night stand or anything sexual, I’m just looking for someone I can see a future with. However, I still have many feelings of compassion for her. I’m afraid that breaking up with her would cause her to perform poorly this semester and that our mutual friends would reject me. I just want her to be happy and us to be nothing more than close friends. Any advice would be extremely helpful, because I don’t want to let these feelings drag on too long.

3 thoughts on ““Should I break up with my girlfriend?”

  1. arcticiris says:

    You need to have a talk with her and explain how you feel and what you’d like to happen. Then break up with her. Don’t hold on to this as you’ll just be hurting yourself and your girlfriend in the long run. She’ll need time to process everything, so do not expect her to simply become all buddy-buddy with you. In fact, that may never happen. There’s a chance she will reject you vehemently and will not want to be your friend. And you’ll have to accept that and keep a respectful distance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Arcticiris. I think this needs to be a discussion you have with her. Be honest about it. If you think you’d want to wait until later on, then do it, but don’t wait too long. If things are already going south, then it probably won’t get better if you leave it. Wait some time if you think it’s best for her, but there’s no point in trying to maintain it if you think it’s beyond saving.

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