“He hasn’t told me he loves me”

My reason for coming to this site is to get advice on my boyfriend. About four months ago I told him that I loved him with no response back. I thought to myself, this is strange. We do not normally say it, I say it here and there and he will say ‘me too’ or something like that. But, considering we are going on almost two years and he has not said it, has me wondering.

I let it go thinking that I have my Birthday, our Anniversary, and Christmas all within a month. My thought was that he would show me at one of those times how much I and our relationship mean to him. He did take me for a staycation for my Birthday, no real celebration, we were even hanging with his friends and it was never mentioned. So basically, my Birthday, our Anniversary, and Christmas came with no acknowledgment on his part.

He stated that he doesn’t like to be forced by society to gifts. Yet I just found out that he lavished his last girlfriend with gifts, flowers, and jewelry on Valentine’s day, Birthdays, and other occasions. When I asked him about it, he stated that he did all that for her and she ended up leaving him anyway so going forward he was not going to do that.

I call bullshit really, but I feel I need an outside perspective.

One thought on ““He hasn’t told me he loves me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are correct. You need to feel loved and just because his last girlfriend left him doesn’t mean YOU should be punished for his baggage. You need to tell him you need this for you. If this is the way he acts in the beginning of the relationship when he’s supposedly trying his best, then it’s going to be horrible later. If he shrugs it off again, then it’s time to move on. He’s not the only man out there and you deserve better. Don’t settle for lazy.

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