“I slept with a guy I met at a conference”

I went to this international scientific conference halfway around the world from where I am from. On the first day of the conference, I met this awesome guy whom I have connected with during that night’s social event. We connected so well that we ended up being the last ones to go from the conference hall. The night ended with a friendly hug.

Then the second day came, we saw each other again (it was a relatively small crowd so it was inevitable to miss people). The conference being an opportunity to network and meet other people, I tried to open myself and converse with other humans. However, every time I tried to strike a conversation with anyone (especially males) he’d always be there to try and befriend the guys I am talking to or just plainly steal the conversation and grabbing my attention. He invited me to hang out with him the second night, but I accidentally stood him up because I fell asleep (credits to jet lag).

On the third day, I tried to make it up to him by spending more time with him throughout the day and by saying yes when he asked me to go to dinner with him during the conference banquet. Now, I probably had too much wine or I sort of fell for him during that night because things escalated quickly after the banquet. He invited me to show the upper floor of the hotel, we kissed in the elevator, and then before I knew i I was in his room and pretty much having sex already. This was my first time, by the way, and clearly not his, which I don’t mind at all. He walked me home to my room, and kissed me good night after that.

On the last day, we were tour buddies. Acted more platonic and me being not good at saying goodbyes sort of pushed him away. We parted with a hug. So I emailed him a day after, thanking him for the company and saying that he was awesome and saying something like sorry I pushed him away or whatnot.

Now, I am a bit confused because I am not sure if it was a one night stand, if i was just a booty call for him, or if there was really something in it. We are currently 7 hours away from each other. He replied to my email, we Skyped and we texted. Playful and flirty messages to each other. He keeps on asking when I’d be able to go to the country near him.

Any ideas (honest ones) on what could probably be going on inside his head? What could be his purpose in keeping his communication with me?

2 thoughts on ““I slept with a guy I met at a conference”

  1. Sommer says:

    It sounds like he’s just keeping it friendly. He might want to establish a friendship. You find out what it is that you want if you continue communication with him and then it eventually fizzles out then maybe it was just a booty call ,but if he keeps communication with you it sounds like he might be genuine in getting to know you. If you think he just might be playing games or you feel like something off anyway just deaden communication go with your instincts.

  2. diannedeniserandall says:

    Personallly I think it might be rather rude to give good company, have sex with someone, and just not communicate. But he just may have connected with you and enjoyed himself. You never know what he’s thinking neither do I. But he does. Keep up the chatter and enjoy it. See where it goes…ask him his thoughts/feelings in an easygoing way.

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