“Everyone thinks we’re perfect for each other, but he has a girlfriend”

I think he likes me, but he has a girlfriend who’s also my friend. What to do?

Me and this guy have been close friends for 2 years now. His girlfriend and I have been classmates for almost 7 years, but she and I aren’t very close.

The guy and I have almost everything in common. We’re like two sides of the same coin. Everyone thinks we’re nice together. One day he just came and was like, “aye, my mom thinks I like you.”

Like always, we laughed it out. Then another time, he was like, “so I was talking with someone and they was like I’m your perfect match.”

And again, I laughed it out. All his friends think we’re perfect. We love the same things. But, he has a girlfriend. They constantly argue. They do have one or two good moments, but it’s mostly arguments.

I feel sorry for him. He always have to compromise with her. I don’t want to come between them, though. A friend asked him why he’s still with her, and his response was that because he doesn’t want to break her heart.

Just skipping ahead … he’s a really good friend, and I don’t want to lose that friendship, so I just need to know how to go about this.

My entire family thinks that we’re good together. My mom thinks it’s gonna get ugly, since he has a girlfriend. The thing is, we have to be in the same class all day, so it’s hard to not talk about him. I even tried to stay away from him, but it never worked.

I’m desperate for some advice.

3 thoughts on ““Everyone thinks we’re perfect for each other, but he has a girlfriend”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would wait until the relationship is over and let him approach you. Don’t get into a love triangle or be the other woman. You would only regret that. Meanwhile start online dating.

  2. Laila says:

    Hi dear,

    In case one of the following applies, I’d recommend you to ignore my advice further down:
    – you do like the girl and know it would really break her heart
    – you can’t deal with the drama and talking which this will most likely create
    – if are yourself not too sure about this or not madly in love with him

    If none of this applies, keep reading 😉

    I am not an expert, but I think life if too short for people not to admit how they feel. I don’t say make a dramatic love confession. But maybe answer him accordingly to signal that you do like him this way if he brings it up again. In case he likes you too and just stays with her cause he thinks you don’t he will at least have an idea.
    Like when he told you people said you were a perfect match laugh and say “aren’t we?” or “Of course! despite disagreeing on x. haha”.
    In case he does act on it: I’d recommend you keep a low profile in order not to hurt the other girl. I would also ask him to make sure you stay friends no matter what happens.
    In case he doesn’t act on it: I’d say leave it for now.

    Well success!!

    I was in a similar constellation with someone I friendzoned because i had an unhealthy on/off relationship and I was sure I wasn’t more than a friend to. He started dating my friend and kept doing so for two years. After they broke up we found out that the feeling was mutual all this time and that he originally only started dating her to see my reaction. We tried after this, but I guess we missed the moment and are not the perfect match so we stayed friends. But none of us will never have to life with that “what if” and I personally prefer it this way.

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