“I can’t focus at school”

I used to have straight A’s and B’s, but right when i started high school, I lost all motivation to do my homework and classwork. Now I have an overall grade of F’s in two of my classes and C’s in some other classes. I feel stressed out seeing my grades like this, but when I try to do my work I cant focus. šŸ˜¦ I dont know what to do.

One thought on ““I can’t focus at school”

  1. Ellen says:

    There is a logical reason behind the lack of motivation. Are there extenuating circumstances at home – divorce, new home location, home life is stressful etc.? Are there extenuating circumstances at school – bullies, new school, lack of social connections, too many social connections, harder classes? Are your expectations to high and goals unreasonable? Are you hitting puberty where physiologically your body is going through necessary hormonal changes? How is your diet? Are you on a high carb, low protein diet which can cause you to be tired during the day? Are you getting any exercise? All of these things can cause a young person to slip into a semi depressed state. Because of the drastic nature of your grades sliding there is more than what you are stating. First and foremost, seek help in the form of a parent, school advisor /counselor etc. Take a deep breath and realize this is normal for teens and very fixable. Give yourself grace and permission to temporarily ‘not be ok’. Don’t be so driven to be as you were, but understand you are expanding to the next level and morphing into something more. You are beautifully changing. Also, make a plan to get back on track. Set a few very attainable short term goals. Set one or two long term goals (months, not years). Make sure these goals are reasonable, not unreasonable. Discuss these goals with your parent / counselor if you need more feedback and guidance. Be careful not to put too much weight in the opinions of others whom you do not respect. Your list of ‘giving a shit’ should only be held on one hand (five fingers) and even then sometimes the list may be shorter. Right now, your focus needs to be getting healthy mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Just know everything will fall into place in it’s own time, and this too shall pass. You got this! šŸ™‚ Sending good thoughts your way!

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