“I have bad anxiety”

I have bad anxiety bad haven’t gotten help for it. I’m scared of what people will say and I don’t know how to tell people because when I have tried they think I’m lying. What should I do?

2 thoughts on ““I have bad anxiety”

  1. missmeliss25 says:

    Definitely go talk to your doctor. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and medication has changed my world. Yes, it was scary to take those steps. I avoided it and tried to self medicate by skipping events (they didn’t sound fun anyway, feeling the way I was feeling). I was also scared of being “dependent” on a medication in order for me to function. But the truth is – I wasn’t functioning. I still take my meds, and I feel like my old self – the person I was before being hijacked by anxiety.

    As far as your friends go, don’t worry about them. I don’t understanding why they question your honesty, but focus on you for the time being. Take care of yourself.

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