“I think he likes me, but I’m afraid”

I am very lucky to have a good friendship with my best friend’s boyfriend, who seems to really enjoy pairing people together. Because of that, he decided to start trying to pair me up with this boy. This boy is amazing. He’s sweet, funny, and cute. I like him, and apparently, he likes me, too (according to my best friend’s boyfriend). There are a few problems, though.

The first thing is I feel bad. I’m (unfortunately) a pretty nervous/insecure girl, and I’m not sure if he truly likes me or not, and I don’t want to force him into a relationship he doesn’t want to be in.

The second thing is one of my friends, who also likes this guy. I’ve known this girl since we were in elementary school, and she’s gotten my friends and I in trouble many times before due to the fact that she tends to be a compulsive liar. Apparently, she doesn’t know that my friends are trying to set me up with this guy, but I don’t know if that’s the truth.

A few weeks ago, she texted me all excited, because apparently, he asked for her number. I was crushed. This was on a Saturday. though. and we tend to only see him in school. Nevertheless, I texted my best friend in a panic. She was sweet enough to talk to him about it, and he said, “Well, right now I don’t know [me] very well. She’s interesting, and [best friend’s boyfriend] told me the whole hanging-out thing was to get me to know her better. As it stands with [my friend], [best friend’s boyfriend] said she has a thing for me. I’m not sure how exactly to handle that, or if that’s true, so I’m not bringing it up with her.”

The whole “hanging out” thing is happening tomorrow night with him and my best friend and her boyfriend. My compulsive liar friend texted me a few hours later after my plans had been made, asking me if I wanted to hang out with her, him, and a few other friends, but I said I already made plans.

I don’t know, I feel like I’m just being ridiculous, but I’m afraid. 😦

One thought on ““I think he likes me, but I’m afraid”

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    Just ask him. I know it’s terrifying, but there’s nothing wrong with going up to him privately and letting him know how you feel. And no, you’re not “forcing” him into anything by revealing your feelings.

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