“Pick the nice guy, passionate ex, or Door #3”

My ex was not the best boyfriend, but our relationship was short-lived so I don’t know if things would improve this time around. He has some issues. But we have amazing chemistry, great talks together, and I thoroughly enjoy his company most of the time.

I’ve been seeing this new guy who is nice and we have a nice time together. But I don’t feel any chemistry with him, and I don’t countdown to the next time I will see him. But he’s a good guy, kind and considerate.

Do I choose the passionate relationship with issues, the nice guy with potential but no fire, or keep searching?

3 thoughts on ““Pick the nice guy, passionate ex, or Door #3”

  1. resullins says:

    Door #3. Don’t settle for either. Find someone who’s good in a relationship that you ALSO have tons of passion with. They exist!

  2. Paynoattentiontothegirlbehindthecurtain says:

    Door #3. Keep searching. There are so many more people out there that you havent even crossed paths with yet. Dont ever settle.

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