My crush shows interest but says no

I told my crush a month ago that I have feelings for him. He said he did too but didn’t want to act on it because he’s leaving for a different state in 2 months (I’m trying to omit some personal details). We’ve hung out alone at his house three times since then. Each time we cuddled and held hands and flirted with one another. He texts me multiple times every day. We’ve been on spring break for the past week and a half, but in school he would get nervous around me.
I kind of figured that he still likes me to some extent so I asked him to prom. He said he wasn’t sure who he wanted to go with and kind of dodged the question (this was over text).
I find that so confusing because I don’t know anyone else he’d ditch me for- if it were anyone else it would have to be someone he really wants a relationship with and I believe him when he says he doesn’t want a relationship with anyone at this point.

I don’t really know what to do… should I ask him about prom again like a month later? Do you think he’s just worried if we went to prom together we’d be an “item”? Was it just a polite way of saying he’s not interested? Should I just pretend I never asked?

3 thoughts on “My crush shows interest but says no

  1. mizv says:

    [I’ve been in this kind of relationships before. I know how it is to always be trying to guess how he really feels. Here’s what I’ve learned: he may be shy, he may have a crush on someone else, he may be politely turning you down, or maybe he’s simply not into the idea of dating right now. Whatever his reasons, though, he’s not giving you an enthusiastic yes.

    Instead of worrying about his feelings, though, try to notice how you feel. How did you feel when he dodged your question? Or how do you feel when he avoids you in public? If you’d like to feel that way regularly, you’re on the right track. If you don’t like that feeling, though, in spite of any other feelings he’s given you, it’s better to spend your time elsewhere.

    • Drew says:

      If he’s moving in 2 months please please please don’t get emotionally attached. Also, if you’re a SR in HS please please please don’t get emotionally attached. You will meet a LOTof guys in your life. If this one won’t be straight with you, move on. If you want to go to Prom with him ask him but do it in person. If he says no, you’re question is well enough answered. Don’t do the cuddling/flirting on the couch if he won’t go out on a date with you.

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