GFs roommate might not really be gay

So I’ve been dating this girl for almost two years now. We’ve been through our rough patches, but are doing great. During one of these rough patches, she signed a lease at an apartment with her “gay” friend. She asked how I felt about it beforehand, and I told her it made me uncomfortable. Not because he’s a guy, but because he went to my school and nobody ever knew for sure if he was really gay. There’s never been proof of him with another guy, but there have been several girls in his past. The few times I’ve been around him, he’s rude and talks about his money and job opportunities, not to mention belittling things I say. He clearly does not care too much for me. However, my girlfriend is now committed to living with him for a year. I trust her completely. But Honestly, It does bother me to think of them on the couch drinking wine and watching movies together. I worry about him making an awkward, spontaneous, wine-induced move on her and creating a new world of problems in our relationship. I understand the situation might very well be out of my control completely. If there’s not a solution to the situation, I’d at least like to know how to feel better about it. Instead of feeling like I’m waiting for something to happen.

3 thoughts on “GFs roommate might not really be gay

  1. EricaSwagger says:

    [Not to belittle your concerns, but it seems like quite an elaborate plot if this guy is pretending to be gay just to spend more time with girls in hope of being able to someday maybe make a drunken “mistaken” move? I think it’s more likely that he’s just not a nice guy. You don’t have to be straight to be an asshole.

    As far as advice goes, you just have to trust your girlfriend. I understand it’s him you don’t trust, but she’s in a relationship with you. Voice your opinions calmly and logically. Tell her that you feel uncomfortable with the situation, you don’t get a good vibe from him and don’t feel like he is respectful of you or your relationship (don’t tell your girlfriend you think he’s not really gay). But if you can’t let it go after that, it’s on you.

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    [What Erica said. Do you trust your girlfriend? Because if you do, then it doesn’t matter whether her roommate is gay or straight.

  3. Dan says:

    [If you trust your girlfriend completely this wouldn’t be a big issue. Is there some history of this guy makes moves, besides running his mouth, that give you a reason for such paranoia?

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