is it possible to stay friends after sleeping with a guy

we learn together it started like a rush first then one day while talking he asked me out on a coffee date we went out after that things went well slept together after two week dating we meet up almost every day talked to see where it goes but in the middle i realized i can not have a future with him so told him to be friends he agreed but the next time we meet up in person we ended up sleeping together again …but after that while we talking told him after now on the meeting is only possible if we could stay friend only he agreed and said we be friends not to worry is it possible for us to stay friends?

4 thoughts on “is it possible to stay friends after sleeping with a guy

  1. resullins says:

    [It’s absolutely possible to stay friends with a guy after sleeping with him. But it depends entirely upon how you feel about him. If you have feelings for him, or he has feelings for you, then it won’t work. So you need to figure that out first and foremost.

    Also, there is a third option… though it’s a little harder. If you enjoy the sex, and neither of you is romantically attached, have some good sex. Enjoy yourself… let him enjoy himself. But that requires a pretty astronomical level of maturity. So it’s tough.

    • mehhhhh says:

      [how do i know that he wants to be more …in my side i now i just want him as afriend and the sex was amazing there a way to know he wants more ..but he agreed to be friends he said it is ok “as you wish” his exact word.

    • resullins says:

      [You need to talk to him. If you’re adult enough to have sex, you need to be adult enough to talk about it. Ask him directly.

      Also, you’re a little hard to understand, is English not your first language? I ask because I feel like a language barrier may be hindering this effort.

    • mehhhhh says:

      [i will do that …english is my first language and i get what u saying ..thanks for the response

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