Do u think he likes me and what should i do?

I met this guy a year ago and i’m in love with him but i don’t think he likes me. My friends say he does like me and they also say he stares at me and asks about me. He doesn’t treat me good he makes fun of me and teases me because i’m country and he is city. He once told me to leave him alone and we rarely talk.I think about him all the time and i even dream about him every night. It is like torture to me because i LOVE him so much and i don’t see him that much. I’m 12 and he is 13 and i know you are thinking i’m to young to love anyone and to even be worrying about this but i do. Do you think he likes me? I don’t know what to do so can u please tell me?


One thought on “Do u think he likes me and what should i do?

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    [Sure, I think you can feel some semblance of love at 12. At the same time, if he told you to leave him along, then your best bet is to leave him alone.

    To answer your question then….

    No, I don’t think he likes you. Yeah, it sucks, but give yourself time. You’ll get over him.

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