Is he into me?

We met on tinder..met him out at a bar the first date..and spent the whole night talking.. Laughing and then the next morning he went back to NY to finish up w his moving since he is moving to Dallas..the first week was great with texting and the sweet names. Seemed to answer texts pretty quick.. The start of the 2nd week he became very busy with work which is understandable but most times taking hours to return my text. So I was honest and just asked him when he asked if he could see me when he came to town.. I said I just don’t get the feeling your into me lately and he said it has nothing to do with me.. I’m completely interested.. This job just had me really busy..saying he was in conference rooms with co workers and not even breaking for lunch or dinner and they all eating in the conference room..He came back on Thursday.. He wanted to come right from the airport to see me.. Came w a bottle of wine which I thought was sweet, we didn’t drink it… We watched a movie and layed down to sleep since he had to be to work the next day.. Nothing intimate has happened this far except kissing and a small bit of touching. He is very affectionate. So the next day he asked me to dinner.. He got off work late and I met him at his hotel.. We went out to dinner.. Then decided to go to a bar.. Great time.. We laughed and joked.. Went back to his hotel.. And that was the first night we were intimate..he seems really into me.. Very passionate when he kisses.. Like he is completely in the moment.. We sleep in the next day and layed around the hotel.. And then decided to go to breakfast after being intimate for the 2nd time..we ate and had good convo and it’s so cute how both at dinner and breakfast he kept sharing his food with me..insisting I share with him… We go back to the hotel where we talk for another 2 hrs and then I left and he was going to text me and maybe get together that night but had previous plans with his friend.. We ended up not getting together.. And he text me late and said have a good night, which I was sleeping.. In the morning I woke up and text him back and 8 hrs late hasn’t read my message or responded.. Just so confused..I’m used to if someone is interested you know it.. You know they are thinking about you by you hearing from him.. I didn’t even get a good morning or how’s your day..I asked him yesterday if he’s looking for a sexual relationship or more.. His response was.. I am looking to meet someone and see where it goes :(… So I just don’t want to continue liking someone who in one hand I feel like he is into me but on the other hand I feel like he’s not…help.. I’m new to dating.. I don’t know if I’m expecting to much or if he just isn’t into me…

4 thoughts on “Is he into me?

  1. PwdrPuff says:

    [A rule thumb in dating is, if you have to ask, the answer is probably no. My suggestion would be to stop having casual sofa type dates, before the relationship even begins. That’s especially true if you want more than what you are currently getting. The key is consistency and if they are pursuing dates with you. If they aren’t, the interest isn’t high enough and you’d be wasting your time keeping it alive by pursuing him.

  2. EricaSwagger says:

    [I think you should just relax. If your explanations are true and honest (are you being honest with yourself about all of his actions you described?) then from that, I don’t see a problem. He has a life and a full time job that seems to be pretty important, so it’s a good thing he’s not super available. He’s an adult. You shouldn’t be too available either. Hang with friends, focus on work, go to the gym, just don’t always be around when he wants to stop by (don’t fabricate it or lie to him about your availability though — you should genuinely do things in life to keep busy and not be waiting for him to text back).

    Also, try to keep things a little more casual for now — I’d pull back the reins on sofa dates and sleepovers and breakfast, that’s pretty intimate and you’ve only hung out a couple times. Getting too intimate too fast can be unnatural. If your bodies become super close before your minds do, it confuses things and you start to feel what you’re feeling (that “why hasn’t he texted? does he like me?” worried feeling). If you had kept things casual and at a normal pace, you wouldn’t be feeling that right now.

    Your body has tricked your brain into thinking you’re closer to him than you actually are, if that makes sense. So my advice is to relax. Pull back a little, go on casual fun dates (mini golf, movies and a late dinner, wine tasting, a short hike, etc) and get to know him better. And if you do “get intimate” avoid sleepovers for now. Take it slow, enjoy, and remind yourself it might not work out and that’s okay.

  3. resullins says:

    [I have to say I agree with both of the above posters. Generally, men are simple creatures. If he likes you, he will make time for you. He will make you KNOW! Hold off on the intimacy, hold off on the texting every 2 hours… and see what happens. If he’s into you, I promise he will make time to talk to you at some point. But it sounds like right now you’re not even giving him the chance to miss you, so he doesn’t.

    Go hang out with your friends. Get a hobby. Hell, sometimes my HUSBAND takes hours to return a text. Stop staring at your phone! You will be a much happier and more confident person, which makes you that much more attractive.

    There’s also the possibility that he’s married. I mean seriously, have you checked for a ring tan? I’m a little confused as to the logistics of all of this, so I could be way off base. But do you live in either the city he’s moving from or to? If so, why are you meeting him at a hotel? If not, then you’re only seeing him when he’s in your town on business… so why are you looking for a relationship? It sounds a bit fishy.

  4. Joanna says:

    [Some people just don’t pay attention to their phone while at work. They let people leave messages and such and then answer them on lunch or at the end of the day when they get home. Not everyone has their phone attached to themselves 24/7.

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