I just pretty much maybe killed my ex chance with her new guy friend adivce plz …..?

Me and my ex starting talking as friends again I break up with her she was doing some f up stuff nothing too big …. Anyway we had a small fight today because I told her guy friend that she’s been on one date with that I was going too fight for her n too be ready for a love war…. So she said ooo now am stuck with you … your the waste i ever dated that am the bad guy n am a dick that am the reason we break up …. So I got upset n did something dumb after she blocked me ….. I pretty much message her guy friend again m told
Him everything she did n sent him a message pic of what she did I know it’s wrong of me too do that but I was so sick of being made out too be the bad guy … Anyway do u think I have any chance of getting back with my ex after doing this ? he’s the rebound guy btw oo yea he’s what my ex did

Here’s what my ex did
She Had 5 guys flirt with her n saying inappropriate things too her then wanted too hang out with a guy that all most raped her for a month I had too deal with hearing all the inappropriate things they said too her. N if I said anything she would say your being controling I can never do what ever the **** I want or hey am not flirting back .. She would not block them or tell then too stop or stop telling me all this I had too deal with it for a month n she was hiding all this from me as first I only let it happen because it was just online n she was very insecure I mean I just asked her too stop telling me at least respect me enough too stop telling me ….

What I did
She started a fight the next day for no reason I got upset n sick of being push around told her too **** herself for the 2rd time ever then told her I want her too prove too me she loves me n that she will change or I would leave her does that make me a dick ? When she was doing all this ? So tell me after all this can I win her back after maybe fucking up her chances with the new guy I was going too stop talking too my ex n fix my life first I’ll be in collage the same one as her in 3 n half weeks n getting my drives L for free n a free car anyway like it says can I win my ex back after doing this ?btw her guy friend has not seen the message yet but when he does he might not want the stress in his life I mean the message I sent him it’s clean too anyone she was a f up gf

4 thoughts on “I just pretty much maybe killed my ex chance with her new guy friend adivce plz …..?

  1. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [If she is, as I believe you put it at the end, and “effed up girlfriend” why in the world do you want her back?

    However, I will answer your question regarding whether or not you have a chance of getting your Ex back. NO. First she probably isn’t going to be too keen with what you did to try and interfere with her possible relationship with this other guy; on top of the fact that you were the one who ended the relationship in the first place.

    If she did do everything that you described, particularly flirting with other guys online AND telling you about it, then not stopping when you asked her, again I must ask:

    Why do you want her back?

    It sounds like she didn’t respect you at all.

    My advice would be to cut all connections with her completely, as she doesn’t sound like she’d even be a really good friend.

    As for your actions…if you are ever in this situation again (regret breaking up with someone and would like to get back together with them) I can tell you with 100% confidence that trying to sabotage any relationship prospect she may have with another guy is going to immediately pull your odds of getting a 2nd chance down to zero.

    Good luck.

  2. Anna says:

    [I am sorry but this doesn’t seem like people loving each other but people trying to ruin other peoples chances of happiness.
    Also sounds to me that you don’t want her to be happy because she is an ” f’d up girlfriend”
    Have you considered that maybe it’s time you evaluated your priorities and the way you behaved? And while you are considering your side, also consider the way she is behaving and if she is someone you’d like to be with.
    Sorry to come across as harsh but it almost seems like your ex gets a reaction out of you by the way she behaves and if you feel up for it, it might be time to evaluate that and decide for yourself if you want to be in that pattern.

  3. Meg says:

    [Imagine you have a child that you love more than life itself. Imagine a boy and he has your eyes and smile. Now imagine you have the power to give to him the perfect future wife to care for him and love him the way you would envision how this precious little boy should be cared for as a grown man by the woman who will be at his side through life. You have this opportunity. You need to see yourself as this little boy. Know in your heart the kind of woman you want for yourself because ultimately this is the woman who will be the model for what your child will look for in life. And be the man you would want your future daughter to look for in her future mate.
    Keep your goal in mind and with enough patience and communication you will find the person deserving of a healthy future with you.
    As for the present relationship I recommend walking away fast and do not look back. A healthy loving tomorrow could not be formed with this sort of base. It will bring nothing but further heartbreak. Good luck and God bless you.

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