Gift-giving Question

The guy I’m casually dating just bought a place. He’s been there for a couple weeks, and is having a housewarming party this weekend. I want to bring something that says “I’m cute, fun, and thoughtful” without saying “I thought about this a ton and clearly am obsessed with you”.

Is it even necessary/appropriate for me to bring a gift? It’s more of an “I have a new house, let’s party in it” than it’s a “housewarming party” — He doesn’t NEED anything, but still I feel like it would be cute to bring something. I dunno.

SO any suggestions? Fellas? What would you like to get? Ladies? What have you given?

10 thoughts on “Gift-giving Question

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    [Coming from a guy? Booze.

    More specifically, find out what he’s into, and buy him a good sample of it. Does he like whiskey? Get him a nice single malt. Does he like beer? Find a nice micro-brew. That will show him that you “get him,” but it also has that laid-back, let’s-party feel.

    • Annie says:

      [An indoor plant. Something small to medium, maybe a peace lily. It’s a neutral gift that you’d give anyone for a house warming. Nice and normal 🙂 – I wouldn’t give liquor to a guy this early in the game.

    • Dennis Hong says:

      [Fair enough. Guess that’s how guys and girls differ, because I think booze is way more casual than a plant…. 🙂

  2. Joyce says:

    [A set of beer pilsner glasses or if he likes wine better, wine glasses or drink charms (so people can tell who’s drink is whose) but make them funny yet masculine charms.

  3. Joyce says:

    [I also say no to the plant idea because as a girl if I got a plant, I’d say, in my head of course, what am I suppose to do with this?? I’m assuming most guys would do the same…

  4. C.Munro says:

    [Personally, I wouldn’t mind receiving a plant, but I don’t know that that would say quite what the giver intends to say in this case. After all, a plant is something you have to care for and nurture … .

    I second the booze and glassware ideas.

  5. Annie says:

    [I think it’s just over thinking it.

    I don’t think a plant or glasses or booze is going to give him a message of being ‘Cute, fun and thoughtful’

    Dude is just going to think ‘That’s nice, a house warming gift’

    Booze, plant, clock whatever.

    • Dan says:

      [Since he doesn’t need anything I don’t know about glassware but booze or some food to share at the party. The game idea is good too. As a guy, no plants please.

  6. Heather says:

    [I used to work at Bed, Bath and Beyond and know some people register for house-warming gifts like people do for weddings and engagements! If he’s low-key, he probably didn’t do that. I think you should get some nice glasses for entertaining or maybe a bar set. BBB had some cool craft beer-making kits on occasion. I know I asked for a received a home casino for Christmas, and I still use it! Get something cool that he’ll use so he’ll always think of you.

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