dutch men; worth it or not?

i like this guy, hes dutch. its been a year now since i met him. he lives in holland,i live in aruba. he comes here every year. the 2nd & 3rd time we met again, face to face. would just stare at me, (we flirted through whatsapp on the first time we met, he was back to holland by the ) now, on his 3rd trip, i told him i like him via whatsapp again. & he said he likes me too. its just we are worlds apart.we dont talk much. he likes my posts on facebook often.but he doesnt message me. the last time i messaged him,he didnt respond to me. so i didnt bother to try again. so, should i wait? or just live my life?

9 thoughts on “dutch men; worth it or not?

  1. Missy says:

    [from the information you’ve given, i would say if you’re having fun with him when he comes out to visit, then just have fun and keep it at that. it seems like he’s not showing much interest, so why waste your time on this one? time spent chasing after this guy could keep you from meeting someone else who might be better suited for you (and hopefully in the same time zone). good luck!

    • Solstice says:

      [I agree with Missy, he doesn’t seem to be trying too hard to make an effort to keep in touch with you. You don’t talk much and he didn’t respond to your message. Move on!

    • victor says:

      [yeah, it wasn’t like before anymore where he would message me… randomly. he’s liking my posts on facebook though!!! anyway.. i really really like him.. like.. like him a lot. and i am the kind of person who rarely gets attracted to a guy. when he told me that he likes me too, he said he was trying to get a job here, he’s a dutch police officer, but its hard to get it. and i told him, he’s better off there. because i didnt want him to come here for me. i want him to come here because he wants to come here. because if he comes here for me then i would have to compromise all my free time for him. anyway, he right. it is impossible. 😥

    • Dennis Hong says:


      i really really like him.. like.. like him a lot. and i am the kind of person who rarely gets attracted to a guy.

      To be blunt, I think there’s your problem right there, and you seem to be well aware of it.

      Honestly, it doesn’t even sound like you really know this guy at all. Could it be that you’re projecting a fantasy on him and making him out to be more perfect than he actually is?

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    [Anytime you ask a question about [so-and-so], and [so-and-so] is a group comprising millions of people, then you pretty much make your question impossible to answer accurately.

    Are Dutch men worth it?

    I can assure you that there are millions of Dutch women who think so.

    Are Dutch men worth it to you?

    Eh, maybe?

    Is this Dutch man worth it to you?

    I don’t think so.

  3. resullins says:

    [I’m with the majority up there… you’re projecting a fantasy onto this guy… perhaps because he’s easy to like, he’s safe, he’s unavailable. Who knows… but these feelings aren’t real, and they don’t reflect nearly enough of a spark to handle a relationship from thousands of miles away.

    Take this as a learning experience. You can like a guy, you can have feelings for someone. And now go look for those feelings in someone with a nice, Caribbean tan!

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