What Online Dating Site Do You Recommend?

I find myself at the point yet again in my life where I must dive back into the dating pool, which mainly equals diving into the virtual dating pool and online dating.

For the last few months I’ve had accounts open on OkCupid and Plenty of Fish; both of which I’ve had past experience with (going back too many years than I’d really like to admit).

Obviously these sites aren’t working out.

The main issue I see being that most people on free sites just aren’t serious about meeting someone and frankly could care less about anyone unless someone comes along who basically floors them with stellar good looks, an awesome personality, or incredible potential in the sack. (that last one is purely speculative)

My intentions on these sites has always been to find someone to actually go on dates with and see if things progress from there.

My profile is welcoming, entertaining, and aside from a grammatical error here-and-there, well written (I’ve actually posted segments from my profile in another blurb on LV)

When I send messages to women, I make them personal. Introduce myself. Ask questions. Try to be witty if it merits. Basically, I don’t send anything that could be mistaken as a ‘Form Letters’ or Copy-n-Paste job; nor are they anything along the lines of “Damn baby, you fine…let’s meet.”

Still, I’d estimate the replies I receive are around 1 for every 20-30 women I contact. Stranger still, I’ll reply to women who contact me first…and then never hear back from them.

Getting back to my actual blurb point though, I have determined that it is perhaps time to make the next step in online dating and try one of the actual pay sites.

This is where all of you come into play.

Are there any sites you recommend I avoid? Are there any you would recommend as a good site to sign up with?

What are/were some of your experiences with a particular pay dating site? Or, do you know someone who had an interesting experience with on.

Let me (and anyone else who may be curious) know.

8 thoughts on “What Online Dating Site Do You Recommend?

  1. Jacs77 says:

    [Despite which site, pay or free, I find that the men on those sites, or at least the ones that message me, or I message, are never looking for anything serious. Whether it be the social stigma that wanting to settle down and find someone is ‘stupid’ , or simply just ‘too busy with work’ I haven’t had any luck. Yes, I’ve had some great friendships ( re: Mr Kart) and have experienced my fair share of fun on more than one occasion, Im starting to feel that online dating is never serious. I want to be wrong, as that is the only place I seem to meet people, but there is never any quality.

    Perhaps my profiles need a makeover, or I need to change some things about what Im looking for, but in the end, they are all the same. Not willing to make any effort, and just expecting my bra to unhook itself the moment they walk in the door.


  2. Solstice says:

    [I’ve been on both Match and eHarmony, and I like Match much better. I met my ex on Match, and the quality of guys, as well as level of attractiveness, seemed higher amongst the guys on Match (not sure about the girls). Also, Match is more reasonably priced. I would definitely go back on it again.

    I’m currently on eHarmony and don’t like it at all. First of all, the site is glitchy – you sometimes have to click on something a few times before it registers. You are sent just a few matches each day, so you can’t freely browse. I had to expand my radius in order to get a decent number of matches, which means half of my matches are guys in NYC, who would be unlikely to date a girl who lives 90 minutes north. I’ve gotten little attention on eHarmony. I’ve sent out many “first questions” to guys, and hardly have gotten any responses. I went on 3 dates within the first month of being on it, but have hardly gotten any responses or messages in the past 2 months. I plan on cancelling at the end of this month. Meanwhile, my dad said he got tons of attention, so maybe it’s better for a) men, b) older people, or c) both. People do seem to be looking for serious relationships, but I don’t think the quality of people is any better than on other sites.

  3. Happy Pants says:

    [It depends on what you’re looking for. I think dating websites are kind of stereotyped, and having been on a bunch, I can say that those stereotypes are based somewhat in truth.

    1. OkCupid: a huge mix of people. There are some awesome ones on that site, but you have to sift through a lot of crap to get to them.

    2. Plenty of fish: like OkCupid, but slightly sketchier.

    3. Match.com: the standard dating site. In other words, a good mix of people looking for various things, who are more serious about finding someone to be with but perhaps not necessarily settling down.

    4. JDate, Christianmingle, etc.: like Match.com, but users are probably feeling pressure from parents to find someone.

    5. eHarmony: people looking to find The One, and yesterday.

    I’ve had varying success with OkCupid, but haven’t tried any of the pay sites recently, mainly because I’m poor and lazy (like half the OkCupid population where I live). I find with any site, you get out what you put in. If you’re looking to find someone, you really need to keep at ituntil you get so despondent at the lack of suitable mates that you throw your computer out the window and vow to join the cloth.

  4. faraday says:

    [I wrote out a response earlier…but it was eaten 😦

    Dating sites are completely dependent upon your area and demographic. Everyone always talks about how awesome Match is….it’s garbage here for me. I’ve met one good guy off of there (out of 20ish) and wasted a lot of time with people that wanted to be penpals.

    eHarmony, I met roughly 150 people and Probably 15 second dates, and 5 of those turned into relationships….but many of my American friends say eH is junk….oddly, most of my local friends hate eH, they don’t get any dates…but they go on many from Match. I think it’s because I have a child and they do not. More serious men seem to be on eH…where as the ones from Match seemed to be….looking for a good time.

    My Aunt met her husband on PoF last year. And a few months ago, I dated a really nice gentleman from OKCupid for a while.

    You just need to try out sites and see where the people in your age range are and how they fit into your lifestyle. Like attracts like. And it does on dating sites as well.

    Good luck 🙂

  5. lilredbmw says:

    [I have never used any dating sites, but I have many friends and family who have had luck with Match.com and eHarmony.com. Good luck!

  6. Jacs77 says:

    [I just went back on Lavalife. Lord help us all. Apparently, Im only attractive to 50+ men from Michigan. Geeze.

  7. Veronica says:

    [i can recommend u cafe4tune.com, it is free and has a quite comfortable chat and video chat . Good luck 🙂

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