What’s your favorite thing to do after a relationship ends and you’re single again?

I was dating a guy for a few months and it was great until it really wasn’t. He was a mega-jerk about the end which makes it a lot easier to accept. So now I’m doing my favorite post-relationship things, including: listing all of his flaws that I willingly tolerated as girlfriend but won’t miss; watching Sex and the City (the way those ladies run through the boyfriends… I got nothing to be ashamed of!); cooking with my mom; and hitting the trenches of online dating again because why not?

What do you do after a relationship ends that helps you bounce back?

12 thoughts on “What’s your favorite thing to do after a relationship ends and you’re single again?

  1. Solstice says:

    [Shopping! Going to your favorite restaurants! And spending quality time with your closest friends.

  2. resullins says:

    [I usually go out with my buddies and just try to remember how awesome I am… and how much he didn’t deserve me. I know that sounds weird, but seriously, boosting my ego is the only thing that really makes me feel better. It helps if I do it in my best jeans, too!

  3. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [When my most recent relationship ended I remember 3 very specific thoughts that went through my head within a matter of minutes (obviously we both wanted out of that relationship):

    1.) I’m getting a new place
    2.) I’m going on vacation (to a place I want to go)
    3.) I’m getting a dog

    I think the circumstances would be different if it would have been a situation where I didn’t want things to end. I know in the past I’d surround myself with close friends, or family, for a week or so before deciding whether or not I wanted to dive back into the dating pool or relish the single life for a little while.

  4. Happy Pants says:

    [The best part about being single is having the whole bed to yourself. Any time I feel bad about being alone after a breakup, I stretch out my whole body and flip flop around a bit (either before/after curling up into a ball and crying, obviously), and remind myself how awesome it is that my bed isn’t totally wrecked in the morning from a guy who kicks all the blankets around, and that I could sleep the whole night because I didn’t have some dude snoring right next to my ear.

    But really? I go with anything that gives me an ego boost, like Res said. I usually bake a ridiculous amount of cookies, get drunk, and shamelessly hit on every guy I see—all things that I’m pretty good at (especially the drinking).

  5. Wynter says:

    [I eat chocolate, bake or cook amazing things for people I know will be wowed by it all the while drinking copious amounts of wine, then I strat reading and doing things that in theory will make me a better person, this time it’s been running! I also concentrate on all the free time I have to watch shows I’m backed up on and to spend LOT’s of time alone!! Thankfully I don’t date much so I only have to go through this every once in a great while.

  6. BrittanyMunrollio says:

    [I like to go out and get crazy, drinking and dancing and shooting seductive glances every which way. But after that I like to mope around with my teddy bear (yep, still have one!), read old emails/look at pictures from happier times and cry, and then do some meditating. I find it’s best for me to embrace the sadness right away so I can start to heal. After that step, time with friends and family is the best!

  7. faraday says:

    [I don’t do anything to bounce back, per se. I tend to reflect back on what happened…if there are things I could have or should have done differently.

    I know I’m over someone however, when I start painting and or random home renovations. It’s like…I need to make the change in my heart a visual manifestation so that I know it is actually is different.

  8. AKchic says:

    [I blow shit up.

    Seriously. My brother and I spend a few days making as many rounds as possible for the guns, find as many pieces of junk we can to shoot up (old computers, tires, beer bottles/cans, soda cans, toys, clothes, and anything an ex left behind that I know won’t be missed). Then we drive waaaay out of town to a friend’s property where we spend a good 3-4 hours setting up our “junk”. There’s already a few junker vehicles out there and some other things to shoot at. We’ve already stopped for fireworks.

    Then – blissful explosions, shooting, and general destruction of (junk) property.

    After that, we drive back into town, pick up my kids, go home, order pizza and clean the guns.

  9. lilredbmw says:

    [You know, after the whole “whoa is me” part of becoming single again, it’s actually pretty awesome. Everything is at your pace. The only person to impress is you(and that should be pretty easy). I tend to load some great songs on to my iPod and just hit the trails, working through everything in my head. Leaving it all out there in the wild. I also enjoy hanging out with the family, talking trash about the ex and why it never would have worked out, ever. And assuming that he will come back begging and I will have to shoot him down. Hey, it’s happened. It’s also nice to just be. Just be alone. I loved that about being single. Sitting on the couch curled up with some food, stuffing my face, and watching the Notebook while bawling uncontrollably. And then, when the time is right, go out dancing. Get drunk and dance.

  10. Joanna says:

    [I find nothing can distract me better than doing something new. Whether it’s reading a book i never read before, finding a new tv series to watch, or playing a new computer game, I usually get down to it and get so involved in it, I forget about the break-up until some time has passed, usually days or weeks. And then I feel like dating again, so I go back out there and find someone new.

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