Am I just being jealous ?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years we’ve had some rough patches but overall a great relationship. He is a very friendly outgoing person and i am not! He has this friend whom he met from working in a bar shes a beautiful sexy girl whose carefree and wreckless. She does try to be my friend and stuff but now he just got her a job working with him and i dont like it. Am i just being jealous?

10 thoughts on “Am I just being jealous ?

  1. theattack says:

    [Does he try to hide her from you? Is he open about the fact that he was helping her out with a job? You didn’t mention that he hid that information, and considering that she’s trying to be your friend, I think you might be a little insecure here. I would recommend getting to know this girl. Take her up on her offers of friendship. It should make you feel better about their friendship if you know more about it.

  2. resullins says:

    [No, you’re not. It’s natural to feel a little threatened by a cute, sexy girl that works with your man. We’ve all been there. But what you can’t do is go all crazy-girlfriend on him. You can be a little jealous without getting crazy and over suspicious.

    Talk to this girl. Try being her friend. Get a feel for her if you can. You will be able to sense her intentions eventually.

  3. thatgirl says:

    [Thank You guys!! no he doesn’t hide her at all he just does a lot of night life events and stuff and he always uses her as his promo girl continuously because shes pretty yano but he never hides it he tried to include me but its an awkward situation for me i guess.

  4. EricaSwagger says:

    [I actually am this girl. A friend of mine’s girlfriend was VERY skeptical about our friendship for like the first two years! Eventually though, she realized that he was in love with her. He and I proved to her that we were just friends but just… being friends. We chat, but when there’s couple time going on, I make myself scares (I don’t text him, etc… I respect their relationship.)

    There’s nothing to be jealous of until they give you a reason. The second he starts choosing her over you (even if it’s just a little thing like going to lunch with her instead of you when you’ve made the time), or she clearly is disrespecting your relationship (like by vying for his attention in front of you) you need to make your feelings known. If he respects them and they change their actions, you’ll be fine. If he thinks you’re being “jealous” or “crazy” then well he’s just a jerk.

  5. lilredbmw says:

    [I think it is normal to feel a little bit jealous over a beautiful, sexy girl who is hanging out with your man. But don’t let it consume you. As long as they are just working together, who cares? He is your man and nothing is more unattractive than a crazy-jealous girlfriend. Be confident in your relationship. Make friends with the girl. You might end up really liking her and gain a friend from the whole thing!

  6. Solstice says:

    [Give her a chance, especially if she tries to be your friend. I’d say that’s a good sign that she’s making an effort. He cares about YOU, and likely just sees her as a friend. If you act jealous without reason, that won’t help matters at all.

  7. Claudia says:

    [Jealously is a natural human emotion that is a sign that something isn’t right. What you do with it makes the difference between right and wrong. Never discount your gut reaction into being silly, dumb, crazy or wrong. It’s there for a reason.

    It might be this girl or it might be something completely different. I can only speak from personal experience so, whenever I get jealous (without clear cause) it’s due to the dynamic of the relationship changing. Something in the relationship is off and my brain attributes it to someone else. For instance, in my last one the conversations had gone stale, but yet I’d have to sit there and watch him banter for hours with his female friend. Jealously erupted when the root cause was actually between us. And that guy was an asshole 🙂

    Talk to him about it without accusations. Whats more important in this sort of thing is communication and how he responds. He calls you crazy, oversensitive, over emotional, irrational? That’s called gaslighting and he’s an ass.

  8. karlos says:

    [If she’s trying to be friends, let her. The old adage goes keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

    Either way, you should be close to her, she’s friends with your partner and that alone should be enough for you to justify being her friend too. Not to mention, you can casually mention how much karate you know so she knows not to mess with your man.

  9. MargieCharles says:

    [Yes, you’re being jealous.

    There are many people who would feel similarly in your shoes, so don’t feel too bad. But you need to evaluate why you’re feeling these emotions and whether or not they’re unfounded. Has he really given you any reason to be jealous? Does he talk about her frequently and bring her up a lot (just talking about the workday doesn’t really count)? Does he talk about her looks?

    Even if he does do those things, it doesn’t mean you have reason to jealous and worry. Your insecurity could be because your gut is telling you something is up, but just from the brief description it sounds like your jealousy is stemming from your own insecurities. So what if she’s sexy and wreckless and awesome? Just because she’s a vibrant girl doesn’t mean that you’re any less interesting. Don’t compare yourself to her, because you are two completely different people.

    You can’t prevent your boyfriend from interacting with every girl that you label as a threat because you think they might be a better catch than you. This girl sounds sweet and it sounds like she’s actually trying to be friendly with you. Listen to your gut, but don’t overanalyze the situation and get worked up over nothing.

  10. Dennis Hong says:

    [I don’t think whether or not you’re jealous is the correct question to ask.

    I think the correct question to ask is….

    Do you trust him?

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