What do you think of my Match profile?

So I let a friend read my 3 week old profile on Match and she may have said it’s too lengthy..I defended my mass character usage on not wanting guys to feel like there were too many surprises..I don’t know what is too little or too much and everything else in between. Welcome your thoughts on the entire thing. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “What do you think of my Match profile?

  1. Kiley says:

    [I am pretty laid-back…I have a sense of humor AND a great imagination, however, if you don’t have a telling picture of yourself, don’t send interest. I am not superficial, but I want to know what you look like…just like you did. Also if you send an email and it’s a canned, copied and pasted email like, “something caught my eye, check out my profile…” pass.

    I am very out-going, genuine and compassionate. I am always honest, and please don’t confuse my sarcasm with apathy, I am always thinking of others feelings and I prefer not being around negative people. I grew up in Minnesota until I was 25, I moved to San Diego, where I have been for the last 10 years. All of my family is in Minnesota and I go back very often, on average, 4 times per year.
    When not working as a bartender, the majority of my time is spent at the beach or dinner and movies, in/out. Skyping my nieces. I have a library card that gets use as well and have also been found dancing anywhere there is music. I volunteer quite regularly, mostly for an animal shelter, sometimes with H4H. I like to cook, I wish I had a garden, I love to shop but mostly for others and it doesn’t consume me. I use lots of emoticons in typed correspondence probably because I know lots gets lost in written translation and I want to eliminate as much confusion as possible, maybe too old fashioned for technology sometimes but only like talking on the phone to people I am really close to.
    I am a student again which will result in my license in Marriage and Family Therapy. I understand relationships and like to think I know how to make them work. I am friends with all of my exes. I appreciate honesty as much as I appreciate wanting to be constantly growing. I believe there is always more that can be learned as no one really, “peaks” unless they just decide to “settle in”.
    Family is very important to me, it would probably make sense if that were the case for the person I chose to date.
    I am not a democrat, nor a republican but I am socially liberal. Everyone deserves the right to happy. And if being married makes them happy, then they shall have that.
    I come with no baggage, I got my father’s approval at birth( I have recently found not everyone knows what that means…it means I don’t have Daddy issues and I also recently found lots of men prefer that you do). I do not seek drama, nor does it follow me. I am almost always parlaying humor into things, sometimes it’s very obvious, often times, to some, it’s not. For instance, if you got to know me, you would re-read this section and laugh hysterically.
    I sold my car a year ago. I moved to an area where I wasn’t using it besides to go to the grocery store and so far I am still very happy about it. I walk or ride my bike most places and take advantage of public transportation. Being a Sociology major, you can see how fun that is. I am a happier and stress-free person because of not having a car. I will eventually buy a car again but in the meantime, if this is hard for you to grasp(it is for some), best of luck in your search.
    I am a Christian/Buddhist that enjoys going to bed knowing that I did my best to keep my side of the street clean. Although being of any particular fatih is not required, the latter part of that sentence, should be.
    When asked for this set-up, my friends did say, I am positive, funny, intelligent, crafty,(think Beastie Boys, not Martha Stewart) get along with anyone, while standing up for those that can’t stand up for themselves, honest, very loyal, passionate about animals and the environment and has an enormous heart and would do just about anything for just about anyone. But if you fall down, I will laugh hysterically..after I make sure you are alright. Please do the same for me.

  2. Happy Pants says:

    [On first glance, it is a bit long (like this reply), and I think there’s a fair amount you can get rid of. When you prefaced it by saying you wanted to give an accurate picture of yourself, I thought it meant you had a kid, or a crippling disability, or a personality disorder. After reading your profile, you do seem like a relatively baggage-less person, just very verbose.

    – I might get rid of the first paragraph entirely. You can just not respond to profiles without pictures, or canned emails, or reply back and tell them why you’re not interested. Starting off a profile with “Don’t even bother if…” makes you seem stand-offish and somewhat of a pessimist.

    – Most of your sentences start with “I”. Granted, this is a profile for you, but maybe try to vary your sentence structure so it reads a little more fluidly rather than a simple list of your traits and tastes.

    – You can probably simplify the emoticons bit to something along the lines of “My texts are peppered with emoticons to ensure comprehension, and I prefer that to the phone, except for a select few people.” Although my writing style is pretty stuffy on occasion, so that that as you will.

    – I might remove the part about not having Daddy issues and not seeking drama altogether. In my experience, girls who mention drama anywhere on their profile, and especially in the sense that They Don’t Want No, are magnets for it. Even if you aren’t, guys reading your profile might make that assumption.

    – Lastly, I would get rid of the mention of being a sociology major and say something about how fun it is to people watch. I don’t know when you graduated from college, but I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that it was a few years ago, in which case you’re coming up on the age where it’s a little odd to identify as your major. You have so much else going on in your life that’s more interesting than being a Soc. major!

    In general, I think you can take out some of those other little details, if only because you want to leave something to talk about on the dates! Also, I really love the last paragraph and mention of the Beastie Boys. It gives you a unique line that guys will probably remember from your profile.

  3. Matt Sanchelli says:

    […if you don’t have a telling picture of yourself, don’t send interest. I am not superficial, but I want to know what you look like…just like you did. Also if you send an email and it’s a canned, copied and pasted email like, “something caught my eye, check out my profile…” pass.

    I can tell you, as a guy, after reading that I would stop there and move on. If someone begins with the type of negative tone telling me what they don’t want it just puts across a bad vibe. Makes me think things like “how particular is this girl going to be when on a date?” It’s like applying for a job and beginning your cover letter with a list of demands. Think you’ll get an interview?

    Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having some standards and I can understand if something like that was put in place because of an overwhelming number of ‘form’ e-mails from guys-a-plenty, but starting out with a disclaimer is going to make most guys think “high maintenance”.

    It is very wordy and mostly reads like a background dossier. Save that stuff for the first date (or two).

    Talk about hobbies. Experiences that you’ve had. Situations in life that have helped make you the person you are today. Ambitions. Goals. Dreams. Favorites (but not in list form). Maybe even weird quirks and traits that you have.

  4. Shelly says:

    [There seems to be a lot in here that doesn’t need to be in an online dating profile, in my opinion. Happypants mentioned some of them – the “lack of Daddy issues”, for example. I realize you don’t want guys to be surprised, but isn’t the point of a profile to just give them an overview of you, and then if both of you pique each other’s interest, you share more privately with each other? Why “put it all out there” in your profile then?

    Definitely make it more concise, but it needs to have more finesse to it.

  5. karlos says:

    [Yeah it seems overly wordy. That’s not a bad thing, but the general consensus on the internet is that vast walls of text often get over looked or are cherry picked for the vital bits of information. You don’t need to describe every aspect of your life or give a grand sweeping list of everything that defines you as a person, save some of the stuff for the first date or a more personal setting.

    Although that above sentence is essentially what Shelly and HP said, only better and more handsome because I said it.

    It’s like my dad always said though. People judge books by their cover, because it’s easier than reading the whole thing.

    Just because people don’t know everything about you, doesn’t mean they won’t want to find out.

    Being short and sweet is the way forward, it’s how Dennis does so well with the ladies I’m told.

  6. EricaSwagger says:

    [Literally the first sentence “I am very out-going, genuine and compassionate.” Is totally unnecessary.
    People will find this out by talking to you. It’s not something you need to tell them. Honestly, it seems a little “here, look how awesome I am” which isn’t really what you want. Unless it is, I guess.

    You need to take anything like that out. People need to be able to form their own opinions of you based on your likes/dislikes, and your language, and your sense of humor. All things that CAN be read and figured out by your profile. Telling someone you are a really genuine person actually comes across as fake to me. If you’re genuine, I’ll be able to tell.

    Again, I’ll reiterate. You don’t want to tell people what you are. You want to tell people what you do and what you like and WHO you are. (Honesty hour: I didn’t read much further down than the first paragraph).

    If you’re a nursing student and volunteer at a nursing home on weekends, say that. Then when I read it, I’ll think “oh, she’s really compassionate.”
    If you love to party on the weekends and have a couple pictures of you with different groups of friends, I’ll think “oh, she’s pretty outgoing and fun-loving.”

    SHOW people who you are. Don’t tell them. Generally, people don’t like being told what to do. Which means they also hate being told what to think.

  7. Claudia says:

    [It’s not so much that it’s long, but that it’s condensed. Way too much information.

    – For me personally, some of it feels like over sharing. The excitement of dating comes from gradually getting to know each other and opening up as you go.

    – I would take out anything that you aren’t or don’t do. There are more than enough people who use “hate drama” “no daddy issues” as misdirection or convincing themselves. It also comes off kind of negative. If you want to mention one of those aspects, you can rephrase it as what you are.

    – Call it whatever you want, but a dating profile is a sales pitch. You want to give them just enough information to catch their eye AND to get them to want more. Usually what I do is write out my 10 best qualities that I bring to a relationship. Then I have 1 or 2 close friends do the same. Any quality that overlaps, is what I focus on in profiles and first dates. Then I find the best story from my past that exemplifies each.

    – What are your interests? What kinds of activities do you want to do with a partner? What kind of a person are you looking for?

  8. Emily @ Tips On Life & Love says:

    [It’s a tad blunt. Which, of course can be great, but it doesn’t give off the warmth I think one might be hoping for from an online dating profile. You are being honest, which is awesome, but maybe a bit too much. I know you said you don’t want there to be any surprises, but part of the excitement in meeting/dating someone new is what you find out along the way! I’m no expert, but these are just a few things that came to mind. Good luck!

  9. Dennis Hong says:

    [Pretty much what others have said. My personal issue is that your first line says how you’re a laid-back person, but the remaining wall of text proves otherwise.

    Just remember that your dating profile is a 30-second advertisement. It’s a soundbite. It’s not your entire life story. The dating profile is what you’d read on the back cover of your life novel, so you have to write it in a way that will make guys *want* to read your life novel. And you certainly don’t want to dive right into your life novel.

    I’d recommend picking three or four traits that you think most identify you as a person. And as Erica noted, you want to *show* these traits, not just *tell* them. So, let’s say that one of your traits is that you love animals. Well, then that’s where you can talk about volunteering and whatnot.

    Either way, remember that you’re trying to pique a guy’s interest in you, not tell him everything about yourself. Because, honestly, no guy’s gonna give a shit about that. Not right away, anyway.

  10. Maracuya says:

    [I stopped reading around the line “I come with no baggage,” because 1) everyone has some sort of baggage and 2) I actually skimmed the previous paragraphs too.

    So I’d:
    -Cut the first paragraph out entirely. The type of people who write form emails will continue to do so even with that disclaimer.
    -Personally I wouldn’t mention the emoticon thing. Sounds like you’re justifying your use to explain, “It’s really okay!” Someone who is instantly turned off by your emoticon use is probably not someone you want to date.
    -I would keep the Beastie Boys line. That’s gold.
    -Remove the part about having no baggage/not liking drama. I always assume people who say those kinds of things actually have drama follow them wherever they go. In my experience, 9 times out of 10 that’s the way it goes.

    Then I’d just trim details. There’s too much info, what are you going to talk about on your first date? 🙂

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