Worth waiting?

This blurb is intended entirely for the sport of the debate and the entertaining answers I hope might arise…

As frequently mentioned, I am in what may be the longest dry spell in my romantic life both sexually and relationally speaking. Not that there haven’t been opportunities for both, I just have not encountered anyone worth breaking the drought.

Well, this weekend my team is traveling far, far away. The nature of the sport (both the physicality and the uniform stylings) makes attracting potential mates easier than in the real world. Add the “from out of town” factor and it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

So my question is… if the opportunity for a little out of town strange should arise, should it be seized? For me, the two sides of the argument break down this way:

Yes- breaking the drought might allow the hyper-focused portion of my brain to be used in a more productive manner.

No- I’ve waited this long, might as well keep it going until the right suitor comes along.

Your thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Worth waiting?

  1. Happy Pants says:

    [Carpe the strange, man.

    Really, it depends on how you view sex. Is it something you can do casually just to enjoy the physicality of it? Or do you need some sort of emotional connection before you get naked? It’s not a question of whether the connection makes it better, but whether you’re capable, physically and emotionally, of having casual sex. I’d say go for it, but then again, my name is Happy Pants, so clearly you know where my mind is.

  2. Solstice says:

    [Now I want to know what sport you play! 😉 I agree with everyone else, if you’ve done the casual thing before, then I say go for it and have some fun! But if not, then you might as well keep waiting. The only problem is you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait for the right suitor.

  3. Sabrina says:

    [In many ways, it’s kind of like giving up chocolate. You still crave it, but the more time that goes by without chocolate, the less intense your craving. Plus, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with other treats that are almost as good as chocolate, say gummy bears. However, the minute you eat one little chocolate kiss, you suddenly want to eat all the chocolate you can find.

    Translation = casual sex is perfectly fine, but not if it is going to lead to emotionally self-destructive behavior when you get home, like sleeping around constantly. 🙂

  4. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [You can ask for opinions and advice all you want about whether or not you should go for a casual hook up while traveling, but in the end it’s really going to depend on what YOU know you’ll be fine with in the long run.

    No regrets.

    There’s nothing wrong with casual sex but I think there is definitely too much of a negative connotation regarding “dry spells”. Those who have had a drought in the sex department often get looked at like they are lepers.

    I’ll put myself out there and admit that my longest dry spell was roughly 5 years. Yes, I had urges and I probably could have broken that streak if I wanted to put forth the effort; but I knew that I wouldn’t feel good about myself afterward. A casual hook up or one-night-stand isn’t in my blood.

    Sex, for me, is equal parts a physical and emotional connection.

    So, the better question is simply, “What do you want to do?”

  5. Kier says:

    [Okay, before my girlfriend throttles me for that last comment, let me get to the real advice.

    I’ve never been the casual sex type. I’ve never done it with someone that I wasn’t in an intimate relationship with. The casual making out type? Most definitely, but those are two different worlds.

    It really just depends on the type of person that you are and how you view sex as a whole. In my mind, sex is the most meaningful experience you can share with another human being. And when you share it with someone that you truly love, there’s nothing more beautiful.

    That said, there are certainly others that view it differently and enjoy constant bouts of casual, hot, monkey sex. It’s something you’re going to have to decide for yourself really. Not to sound cheesy, but look into yourself and ask what sex means to you. That’s the only way you’re going to get an answer that means anything.

  6. ebees says:

    [ Casual sex is fun and, in my opinion, totally worth it when you happen to meet someone you are SUPER attracted to, flirt all night, make out, and have a really sexy one-night thing. Casual sex is not worth it to me when I go out with the intention of hooking up, meet someone who I am somewhat attracted to, and have sex with them because I’ve been bored, or lonely, or its been a while. So, I wouldn’t go into the trip planning on meeting someone and getting laid–in my opinion, its only a pleasant experience when I meet someone that I have a really intense sexual connection with, and you can’t plan for that kind of thing.

  7. PKP says:

    [I’m kind of against the casual fling, but probably because I’m getting old and have always had trust issues when it comes to strangers, acquaintances, and friends. I’d be suspicious of anyone willing to sleep with me after one quick meeting. I guess it’s sort of like Groucho’s “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member,” meaning I’d find it hard to believe that anyone would actually be attracted to me enough for casual sex; easier to believe would be they’re pretending to be attracted to me enough for casual sex to lure me into some kind of murder-theft trap. Yes, I am a paranoid human being.

  8. Bonita says:

    [Update: Encountered a much higher quality prospect than expected and carpe’d the strange. And then proceeded to make progress with a decent gentleman on the home front upon my return. Boom!

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