Is cheating genetic?

We know that the children of addicts are more likely to become addicts themselves. Do you think children of cheaters are more likely to cheat? Is it genetic? Or is it environmental? (Ahhh, the old nature vs. nurture debate!)

6 thoughts on “Is cheating genetic?

  1. Happy Pants says:

    [I don’t think it’s genetic, but I do think there’s a parental influence. Humans are not biologically predisposed to be monogamous; it’s a learned behavior imposed by society since the dawn of civilization. That doesn’t necessarily mean I think everyone should go around and fuck everything that moves, but I do acknowledge that it’s not exactly easy for everyone to resist temptation. Still, if you make a commitment to someone, you owe it to that person to be faithful, no matter your gender.

  2. resullins says:

    [I believe that the only genetic predisposition to cheating is a Y chromosome. Men are, by nature, cheaters. I truly believe that monogamy is unnatural, in the biological-requirement sense of the word. So, in that case, YES, cheating is genetic because men determine the sex of their embryo.

    And I also think that the only thing that keeps men from cheating is receiving an early education that it’s wrong, ethically, and morally. Having a good father or good male role model will instill a sense of values that will keep men from cheating later in life. Or having a very good female role model, whatever.

    So I guess in a sense I think cheating is genetic, while NOT cheating is environmental.

    Let the cynic-bashing begin.

  3. ebees says:

    [I read something a long time ago that said that a study had shown that guys with unfaithful biological fathers were more likely to cheat, even if they were adopted. It makes sense to me that there would be a biological component, considering I’ve also read that the biggest measurable factor that can determine whether or not someone will cheat is how easily sexually excited they are, which would obviously be at least partially based on biology. That’s not to say that I think biology is any kind of concrete cause, just one factor. I mean, I might really really love food and get tons of cravings, but that doesn’t mean that’s it impossible for me to diet.

  4. PKP says:


    This study indicates that women and men are all cheaters equally, though it also states they do so for different reasons. Human beings resist all kinds of instincts and any kind of talk about what’s natural and what isn’t usually doesn’t make much sense. Isn’t everything human beings do a product of their nature and therefore natural? Maybe nature and nuture are really both just nature then.

  5. Dave Jag says:

    [I can tell you that alcoholism runs pretty rampant through my genetic tree. I can also tell you that I enjoy the occasional drink way too much to ever want to have to give it up because I became addicted. Call it “evolution” of “self-empowerment”, whichever you believe. From that perspective, it seems altogether possible that the offspring of cheaters could decide that they enjoy being in love way to much to ever give it up. But in that case, I would definitely call that “evolution”.

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