Welcome to LemonVibe!

Welcome to LemonVibe, where we crowdsource relationship advice, then let you rate the crowd! If you want to ask a question, just click “submit blurb.” If you want to interact with the community, you can comment on blurbs or rate the comments of others. To participate, please log in through Google or register.

Please bear with us while we’re under construction, as we’re building LemonVibe from scratch. We plan to get everything up and running soon, and we hope you’ll join the community we’re building!

If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line at Contact@LemonVibe.com.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to LemonVibe!

  1. JaKeBe says:

    [*slow clap*

    Le-mon Vibe! Le-mon Vibe!

    LemonVibe, it puts the vibe in lemons. No. LemonVibe, it’s a vibrant lemony zest…no.

    LemonVibe, just fucking comment already.

  2. Lemon Dev says:

    [Thank you all for your feedback while we are designing and developing lemonvibe, we are looking forward to a future of great advice!

  3. Bonita says:

    [LOVE this site! I am an advice column-aholic, and this kind of forum is just what I’m jonesing for!!

  4. Jen says:

    [Dennis! I am visiting, giving you kudos for starting this and shaming myself for not participating. I wanted to make sure I covered all the bases! I will visit regularly from now on.

  5. Corina says:

    [Hi Dennis, I found this site through an article you wrote about having fallen too hard for someone….I’m going through a similar dilemma. This is a cool idea for a crowdsourcing site. šŸ™‚ btw, have you heard of crowdsourcing.org? I work for the website…if you want you can add your site to our online directory. We get a good amount of traffic each month. Also, thanks for sharing your experiences. šŸ™‚

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