“I feel like a guy, but I’m a girl”

I feel like a guy even though I’m a girl. My mom thinks I’m too young for the surgery (which I agree,) but she teases me that I want to wear guys clothes etc. She is supportive of trans people but is for some reason scared that I might be.

I only liked pink when I was under six and I only stopped wearing dresses roughly 6 months ago. Please help. When I told my friends they just laughed and started to tell me that I’m not a guy and “you’d look bad with short hair” or “you look good as a girl, you ungrateful bitch” and “I didn’t even get a chance to give you a makeover .” šŸ˜¦

“Is the spark meant to last forever?”

My girlfriend and I are fairly young and you may be tempted to not take this seriously, but please do. We are very mature for our age and are involved with numerous things and activities that require us to be so.

Some background; I myself am 18, while she is 16. We’ve been together for six months now and have had a very steady and serious relationship up until very recently. She brought to my attention that to her, she feels like the relationship is slightly different for her now. She says that she still loves me the same, and still reciprocates everything, from my kisses, to our cuddles. But, she has also said that to her it feels as if the spark for her has goneĀ out? Continue reading