What do i do

I’m 20 years old and i was dating this guy who is 27. We dated for about a year about two years ago then he broke up with me because he said he didn’t feel it was the right time for him and i that he wanted to take time for himself. After he broke up with me he wanted to get back together almost a week later but i told him no because he said he wanted to take time for himself and that he should take that time and maybe i should as well. Despite the fact that we had broken up we continued to communicate and see each other often because his sister is my best friend. Fast forward two years later things continue he’s still in love with me and i love him but i don’t think the relationship will be the same anymore. I feel bad because he’s done so many good things for me, my mother loves him, his family is close with me.Him and his sister are pretty close and her being my best friend makes things weird because i feel like my relationship with her can be ruined because of him. At the same time i feel like because him and i still communicated and saw each other pretty often we never really experienced and actually break up and i’m starting to feel like i want to experience something new. Most recently i met a new guy who i really like a lot, and i kind of want to see where things go with him. I wanted to be honest with my ex boyfriend so i told him about the new guy and he completely broke down crying telling me he’s loved me for 2 years and here i am being interested in a new guy who i barely know, I’ve encouraged him to date other people since we broke up he just won’t do it and the new guy wanted to make things official but i told him i needed to work some things out before i could do that. So he told me it’s either him or the other guy and he told me not to speak to him until i have an answer. I don’t know what to do this confusion is killing me