“My employer wants me to hide my tattoos and piercings”

I’m starting a job soon, and I’m having major regrets for even agreeing to take it. I’m admittedly an artistic person, and it shows. I have a few (dainty) tattoos and multiple ear piercings. Nothing too extreme, right? I’m going into a career with fashion so beauty and style are incredibly important to me. But the job I’m taking (at Cracker Barrel) feels very oppressive to me. The dress code is strict, which is sort-of okay. I don’t really mind wearing a uniform too much. But what really irks me is the fact that I can’t show any piercings or tattoos, wear any more than one piece of jewelry at a time, my makeup is be as minimal as possible, and my hair color has to be natural looking. Makeup, jewelry, and body art are a part of me and being forced to hide them for the sake of making minimum wage feels wrong to me. Continue reading