“I still think about my ex after 3 years”

I woke up this morning from dreaming about my ex all night. We dated on and off, for about 6 years. We have been broken up for close to 3 years. I can’t seem to let him go. I dream about him often, even on days that I haven’t even thought about him.

I still run into him with his new GF at festivals. I guess that’s not going to change, because that’s how we met. We both love the music scene. I’m not sure why I can’t seem to let go. I left him for many reasons, he was not a good BF, he was not a man, he could not grow up or treat me right. I gave him so many chances to fix himself, but by the time he had started making changes I was already over it. He broke my heart into a million pieces over and over again. Continue reading