“Do I leave him because I’m a rebound?”

I met my boyfriend 4 months ago and we have been dating exclusively since that time. We spend nearly every night together and overall get along well. 2 months into our relationship I figured out that he had broken up with his girlfriend of nearly 3 years about 2 weeks before we met. She was terrible to him, cheated on him constantly and he eventually had enough. Essentially, I realized I was a rebound.

He tells me he cares about me very much, considers our relationship to be serious, but is “hesitant in his feelings for me.” He said it is frustrating because I am the best woman he has ever been with. Continue reading

“He wants to be friends with benefits, but I think I might have feelings for him”

So, I just got out of a relationship that was two weeks shy of two years. Though I still cared for him, I’d been done with the relationship much before I finally broke it off.

A friend of mine and I hung out last night (three days after the breakup), and one thing led to another and we had sex. I thought he’d been trying to hit on me before he realized I had a boyfriend, and then once I was single, he seemed much more into me. He calls me pet names and liked it when I cuddled with him and would kiss him on the cheek. He was super-sweet and seemed super-into me as well. I don’t know if I was just reading too much into it because I didn’t understand or what?

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