“He thinks I’m cheating but I’m not!”

My boyfriend and I have not been together for that long and all of a sudden he keeps asking me if I am cheating on him (which I am not whatsoever), I do have guy friends but it was something we discussed before we even made our relationship official and we came to the agreement that since these people have been in my life longer than he even has, and are such a major part of my life, it wasn’t going to be a problem.

Yet he still keeps asking me if I am cheating, if we are hanging out and my phone goes off sometimes he will rip if out of my hand and go through it. We’ve talked about it and he said he will work on it but he still questions me and such. I feel like he doesn’t trust me.  Continue reading

“How should I approach this?”

I am leaving this summer to go to East Asia to lead and take part in a missions project. There is a girl I am quite interested in and she is going on the trip with us. The trick though is that I am moving to the country and staying for school rather than going back to the States.

I don’t want my feelings to get in the way or affect my ministry but I don’t want to just leave these thoughts and feelings bottled up for me to just “deal with it”.