“My newly divorced dad is falling apart”

I’m a 24 year old lesbian living with my dad. Just got out of the military 6 months ago. I have a job and help with bills etc. I moved back in with my newly divorced dad. Mom cheated. Now I’m seeing a whole new side of my dad that I don’t like. He gets new girlfriends and tries to show off in front of them by talking bad about how I’m messy (when he’s the messy one,) and tries to basically make me look like a child.

He went in my bathroom and showed her my dildo in the shower lol.. which I use to suction the drain shut. (I’m desperate) … Anyway, I’m just wondering if I’m over reacting or if that’s messed up? He also doesn’t care to spend time with me or my sisters. And spent all my grandma’s will money that she had saved for my mom. He can’t pay bills, so I’m helping, my wife is helping, and he continues to talk down to us. I don’t know what to do.

“I’m in a one-sided relationship”

I have been with my boyfriend, now fiancé, for 5 years. As the years have gone by, I am starting to realize that I end up doing everything for him, and I feel like he has turned me into his mother.

He doesn’t have a job and I am working full time and when I get home from work hardly anything has been done and he is playing games. Then he expects me to cook him dinner because he hasn’t eaten all day while I was gone. He also expects me to make all the important decisions,  then gets so mad at me to the point I am frightened of him, when I don’t tell him when I do something.

What should I do? I feel so exhausted and broken all the time. I’ve asked him to change or at least try harder to do a few things to help out around the house, but he hasn’t. And every time I think of leaving or try to pull away he gets really sweet and caring and then goes right back to the way he was.