“My mother-in-law gives me anxiety”

I need advice on what to do with my mother-in-law. When I’m around her, the first thing she does is talk about my sister-in-law (her daughter), from how much she gave her for her wedding to how proud she is of her for buying a house, or what she should get her for her birthday, or when we took her out to eat, how much the daughter loves this type of food to how much maternity leave time she will take (before she was even pregnant).

At my daughter’s baptizing, any time I was near her, instead of focusing on my daughter, she was talking to me about her daughter’s wedding. At a family function when she first arrived, she went right to daughter and husband and gave them a big hug, but barely said hi to me.

When I know I’m going to be around her, I get anxiety and my heart races. Should I say something to her? And if so, what? My husband recognizes it, but doesn’t care enough to say anything to her. He refuses so that is not an option.

“My boyfriend’s mom called me a slut”

I really just cannot stand my boyfriend’s mom, Carol, anymore. My boyfriend (Bobby) and his parents live together, so I see her a lot when I come over and if I stay there while he is at work. His mom doesn’t work, so I would spend time with her a lot if it was just us two at home. So, I thought we were close or getting close.

On Halloween, she said the most inappropriate joke. So, she had just gotten off the phone with her youngest daughter, Jan. Jan just told her that Marcia (the oldest daughter) said that Carol did not want to go trick or treating anymore, but Carol had said it was Marcia’s idea. So, after the phone call, Bobby went into the living room where she was and asked her why she even puts up with Marcia. He doesn’t like his sister. Carol says, it’s because she wants to see her grand kids and that she would be like that with us too, but “Piper isn’t having kids out of wedlock. Piper doesn’t do stuff before marriage, except have sex.” She was speaking about me. Continue reading