“We don’t want to invite her to the wedding”

I’m maid of honour at a wedding, we have a close-ish group of girl friends who are mostly all invited, except for one, who the bride (and her partner and I agree) don’t really want to invite. She is mostly just in the friendship group because it’s been the same since high school, rather than because we have a lot in common.

She can be very loud and disruptive and frankly won’t make a nice addition for the wedding, and isn’t a good friend of the bride. Anyway, the bride already sent her a save the date, because she was afraid of hurting her feelings, but now is sure she doesn’t want her at the wedding, also swayed by the fact she didn’t realise that most of the rest of the group didn’t care for her much either. Any advice on how to break it to her? Or do we just never send her the invite (feel like that may be hard/ cowardly to do). Or are we being horrible and we should just invite her?

Tldr – how do we not invite one person from the friendship group to a wedding (when she’s already sent congratulatory card / flowers, knows the date etc)

As I’m writing this I realise I sound horrible, but surely if it’s your wedding you should invite whoever tf you want, not just people to save their feelings? She hasn’t been the kindest person in the past, and no one is going to mind if the friendship is broken. But fair enough if you think we sound like big meanies!